VIA| Ted Nugent is known for his rather conservative views and lately he has been focused on the divisions in America and all the racial issues.

Nugent openly blames President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle for increasing this issue and dividing America more than ever.

Top Right News reported, this time Ted has sparked liberal fury by blasting the “Reverend” Al Sharpton and Obama for their obsession with making race the issue on nearly every issue.

On conservative Mike Broomhead’s show in Arizona, Nugent remarked on how he has never experienced racism like this in his 66 years on Earth — until Obama came into office.

Nugent spoke about growing up in Detriot and studying history in school. He remembered feeling “shattered” to learn how blacks had been treated in the past but as he grew up, the racial issues were not there as people moved past injustices:

“By the late 60s, the 70s, I couldn’t find racism. I never saw racism. I never heard of racism. I thought it was a thing of the past in isolated pockets of inbreeding and cannibalism and spiritlessness.”

Nuge remembered growing up in Detroit, where he was surrounded by mostly black musicians during the Motown era. He says that he never judged people by color, he judged by “spirit and soul,” and others did the same, regardless of race.

But once Obama started injecting race into issues for his own political reasons, Nugent saw the real face of racism. Nuge recalled the controversy early in Obama’s first term, surrounding the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, who is black, by a white police officer — where Obama, before he had any facts — wrongly accused the (White) police of “acting stupidly.”

Ted then blasted Obama’s disgraceful gas-pouring ” If I had a son” comment about Trayvon Martin.

Ted delved into just why Obama taking ownership of Trayvon Martin as a “son” was so disturbing. Why would you want to say that someone who did drugs, got in fights and attacked a community watchman could be your “son”?

Listen to his interview below:

Nugent acknowledges racism still exist, but feels today’s racial tensions are highlighted by the White House:

“I never heard of any racism (in the daily lives of Americans) except the celebration of divisiveness in the media, academia, and by our own government.”

“Nowhere can I find racism EXCEPT COMING OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!”