ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means:  Time for the weekly roundup of murder and mayhem committed by the so-called “Religion of Peace”.  Let’s get started.


A Christian woman was brutally raped by two Muslims who broke into the woman’s house in Pakistan.  I guess it was another of those well known “sexual emergencies” that Muslim men have that lead them to rape little boys in public swimming pools in Sweden.  The Christian woman was sleeping when the two rapists broke in.  Her husband is away serving in the Pakistani Army and wasn’t there to protect her, something that the Muslim assailants knew about and took advantage of.  Muslims have been the masters of the “sucker punch” attack since Mohamed was raiding caravans and marrying 13 year old girls in Medina in the 7th century.

I note that this is so common in Pakistan that it doesn’t really count as “news” anymore.  It would be like a newspaper in Dublin running a story about a fight breaking out in a pub, or the Chicago Tribune running a story about someone getting shot on the South Side.  Or a newspaper in Pakistan running a story on yet another honor killing.  After a while, this stuff is about as predictable and expected as the sun rising in the morning.


Next up…another Muslim “sexual emergency”.  An eleven year old Pakistani Hindu boy has been raped and murdered while using the swimming pool of a private club, according to The Hindu news magazine.

The son of a Hindu doctor was found dead in a swimming pool inside a Hyderabad Club on April 13. The family members of the boy claim that he was deliberately thrown into the pool to cover up sexual abuse and murder.

Chetan Kumar, the father of the dead, raped boy, said that his son went missing for more than an hour despite tight security inside the club. His boy’s body was later found ‘bearing torture marks on his face’ floating in the swimming pool in the club.

As I said, just another day in Muslim Pakistan.  Is it just me, or are we starting to see a pattern here?


Lastly, in order to connect how this may soon be affecting you, Dear Reader, we have this combat photo from the main highway in Calais, France.  Oh, you didn’t know there was a war going on in France these days?  Oh yes.  Islam is doing for France, and in particular the province of Brittany, what it did for Beirut, Lebanon.  Migrants in the Pas-de-Calais area, where the entrance to the Chunnel is located leading to the UK and its generous welfare benefits, are now 6,000 strong.  They are laying debris on the highway leading to the Chunnel so that commercial trucks will have to slow down or stop long enough for the migrants to climb on or in some cases just outright hijack the vehicles.  The French police are nowhere to be seen, like the U.S. Border Patrol on our border with Mexico, leaving truck drivers to the mercy of murderous Moroccans.  The area is now known as “The Jungle”.

Gee, I wonder what this means for the French tourism industry this summer?  Americans can soon forget taking summer vacations in Europe, as Europe’s greatest cities get the “Beirut Treatment” from Muslim migrants.  Terrorism experts are already warning Europeans to “expect” terrorist bombings this year at European Football (soccer) games.  Great.  Just great.  These are the same types of migrants that Obama is shipping into the U.S. by approximately 10,000 per month.  Settled across the country secretly, you might as well say that Obama is in the business of setting up a Muslim Terror Cell Network across America before he leaves office. 

Why?  Because Obama hates America.  He is part of a global elite that hates the West.  Everything that humanity achieved in the Renaissance and the Enlightenment is being torn down.  This is the future that is being bequeathed to our children.  Weep for the victims.