ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Well, anyone with a lick of sense knew that Obama shipping in unvetted Muslims from Syria would produce the same results that have happened in Germany, France, Sweden, and all over Western Europe.  It didn’t take long for the scorpions to strike the hand that feeds them.

Boromir Meme

The Muslim rape gang in Idaho are sickeningly young—three boys, all brothers, aged 13, 10, and 8 years old.  At knife point, the three raped their young victim, a girl of similar age but of slight build, having been born premature and who was “less developed” than her age would indicate.  The victim was playing outside the Fawnbrook apartment building in Twin Falls Idaho.

The Muslim rape gang put a knife to her throat and forced her inside a laundry room where they stripped her naked, gang raped the girl, and finally, urinated all over her body.  The urination was a form of sexual consummation for the younger two boys, who were too young to be capable of ejaculating.

The Twin Falls police took over two and a half hours to respond to the call, which is curious because the Twin Falls city council took less time to approve the construction of a Mosque, and even less time to be paid off by the Obama Administration for agreeing to be a dumping ground for Obama’s terror cells…er, make that “resettlement program”.  The Twin Falls police department and the media then worked closely to suppress this story, even though this outrage ought to be causing blaring headlines, congressional investigations, and a public backlash that would stop Obama from continuing his illegal and unconstitutional executive immigration program.

mud slime

But back to the Muslim scum who committed this crime.  The mother of the three monsters would only say “no police”.  Sorry, camel breath, but you don’t get to make that call in THIS country.  The father of the boys CONGRATULATED his 13 year old rapist son, I guess for being such a “conqueror” in the pattern of the blood soaked Mohammed, who taught that stealing your loot was a more “manly” way to make a living than by merely being a merchant.

The father’s outrageous actions should have him on the first plane back to the sand dunes he came from, along with the rest of his vermin family.

While the boys recorded the whole crime on a cell phone, the local Judge has put the whole case “under seal”, conveniently suppressing any reporting on the story.

This should be considered a False Flag attack on Americans by the Obama Regime.  It was entirely foreseeable that bringing in unvetted, misanthropic Muslims would result in crimes, particularly rape, being committed against innocent Americans.  The trail of rapes that Muslims have left everywhere they have gone in Europe was ample warning of what would happen here.


But Obama is engineering this unprecedented assault on public safety because he HATES America.  He wants America to suffer assault after assault, and humiliation after humiliation.  Because when the American mind snaps, and we pick up our guns to defend ourselves, that is when Obama will swoop in to confiscate the guns, using the conflict that he created as the excuse.