ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The TSA is waging a campaign.  No, it’s not to protect you from terrorism.  They are waging a campaign to wrest more money out of Congress.  In order to make that happen, the TSA is engineering a slowdown that is wreaking havoc on the airline industry.  As just an example, the TSA caused 4,000 air travelers to miss their flights in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport since February of this year.

TSA line

By not assigning enough screeners, and slow walking the screening process, the TSA is holding the air traveling public hostage.  This is blackmail, pure and simple, to get Congress to enlarge the TSA’s budget.  The process is accelerating.  In the last week, 800 travelers missed their flight at O’Hare.  This past Sunday, 450 air travelers missed their flights.  While the airplanes stand empty because few can get through the security labyrinth, thousands have to rebook their flights, causing a cascading failure of the airline industry as the need for additional flights snowballs.

It isn’t just Chicago.  The TSA is doing the same strangulation operation in airports across the country, from Atlanta to Newark to Los Angeles.  Reports filed over the time it took the TSA to screen passengers grew more than 10-fold in one year, to 513 this past March from 48 in March 2015. Nationally, 6,800 customers of American Airlines missed their flights in March due to TSA delays.

Predictably, the TSA is blaming the passengers themselves, citing that record numbers of flyers are taking carry-on luggage.  The reality is that hardly anybody checks luggage in anymore, due to skyrocketing fees charged by airlines for checked luggage.  The other problem is that the flying public has caught on that checking in luggage is not only expensive, but dangerous.  A full third of the TSA’s employees have had complaints filed against them alleging theft of personal property.  The TSA defends the practice as “fighting organized crime”.  Check in a laptop, and it will almost certainly be snatched up by a TSA screener.  The same thing for cash, precious metals, jewelry, or other valuables.  The TSA will just say it is evidence of organized crime to have large amounts of cash, gold, silver, etc., and they have orders to seize it.

Why is the TSA trying to expand its budget by strangling off air travel?  So it can hire even more minions and move its tyrannical operations out of the nation’s airports and onto the nation’s roadways, train stations, and bus terminals, with numerous internal checkpoints even as the Federal government stands down our national borders.  Then the TSA can do for highway travel what it has already done for air travel:  Long security lines, physical searches, and loss of privacy.  This is what Martial Law looks like.

The TSA stratagem may backfire, however.  With a complete system failure and bankruptcy staring them in the face, several airports are floating the idea of turning to private security companies and dumping the TSA.  The last time a state threatened to interfere with TSA operations (molesting passengers with hands down your pants) was the State of Texas, which almost passed a state law holding TSA screeners to the same kind of liability for improper fondling of the public that police officers and other government employees are subject to.  The response to this move was that Barack Obama threatened an aerial quarantine of Texas, promising he would order the Air Force to shoot down planes flying in and out of Texas.  Sadly, Texas backed down.

The TSA is on a tight time table, and they are going for broke.  They know that if Donald Trump gets elected, they are all going to be hearing the words:  “You’re Fired!”