Terrorists? Screw The Terrorists Let’s Get The American People

ELDER PATRIOT – CIA Director John Brennan must be a disciple of Rahm Emanuel: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Following Friday’s terrorist attack in Paris that killed 129 people and left hundreds more injured Brennan demands rolling back Americans’ privacy rights which were only recently regained with the passage of the U.S.A. Freedom Act.

Brennan’s declaration that the new rules “make our ability collectively, internationally, to find these terrorists much more challenging” should not be trusted.  American citizens are not the problem and he knows it.

Brennan should have been terminated over a year ago when he was discovered to have broken the law by, what else, conducting illegal surveillance on Americans.  Obama not only refused to replace him, he blocked a criminal probe into Brennan’s order to illegally spy on members of the Senate Intelligence Committee despite the fact that the CIA’s Inspector General David Buckley’s investigation confirmed Senator Feinstein’s allegations that the CIA had hacked into the computers of committee members.

The CIA’s illegal surveillance of committee members was a clear violation of Article 1, section 6, clause 1 of the Constitution as had been determined by previous Supreme Court decisions.

The exception to government transparency that the CIA enjoys necessarily demands unquestioned confidence in the director’s honesty and his devotion to strict compliance with the law.  John Brennan’s belief that he is above the law and that only he will decide when and if he’ll adhere to its limitations, and his evasiveness and lies before investigators calls into question his veracity over his declared need for more powers and in what ways he might misuse them.