Tesco Employee Finds Cocaine Worth Over $1,000,000 In Box Of Bananas

VIA| Before I start, I just want to say this shit is bananas. I couldn’t rest until I got that one in there. Working in a supermarket can be tiresome, the monotony of your daily jobs and the predictability of the day to day are enough to have you hating every moment of your working day. Until you find £1 million worth of cocaine in a box of bananas during one of your shifts.


At this point, you have two choices. Use your name badge to rack a line or notify management and have the police raid the place and seize your find. Well, this Tesco worker did the later. Which is what I’d do as well, obviously…

The young employee was unpacking some fruit when he discovered the five bags of powder which each weighed 1kg. Police were called to the store and siezed the bags which had at least £1 million and if they had gone to the street, each of the five bags would have been valued at £250k.

The box of bananas could only be separated from a regular box by red tape it had around it, likely used to identify the box to smugglers as the one with the drugs. In this occasion, they obviously failed to spot it. No arrests have yet been made and Tesco are said to be helping police with their investigations.


The bananas originated from Costa Rica where cocaine production and export is common and last year Tesco imported 50% of their bananas from only 12 farms in Costa Rica and Columbia but this is the first time such a large amount of cocaine has been found.

I can’t help but imagine a very pissed off dealer somewhere with a box of Tesco bananas that he’s paid £1 million pound for. The people who made this error ought to split, pretty quickly. What a slip up.