VIA| Ever since her husband took office in 2008, Michelle Obama has been on a mission to control as much of our daily lives as she possibly can.

The firstly has focused specifically on what we eat, and zeroed in on our children by designing aridiculous school lunch program, which forces kids to eat “healthy” yet grotesque meals.

Sick of this, the great state of Texas decided to take action, and what they did is sure to throw Michelle into panic mode.

Last Thursday, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller lifted a ban on deep fat fryers and soda machines on school campuses located in the state.

“We’re just saying if you want (a deep fryer), go get one,” Miller told the press, according to Conservative Tribune. “We’re not going to mandate what you do.”


Basically, Miller ripped control away from the government on this issue, allowing parents and teachers to decide what is the best diet for each individual child. He argues that all the mandates put in place by Michelle Obama has not done anything to stop childhood obesity, an assertion that issupported by studies that show that obesity among kids is actually on the rise.

“There’s so many mandates on these schools and what they can do and cannot do,” he said. “You just ask anybody — they’ll tell you it’s not working.”

Miller added that Michelle’s federal rules have “compounded the problem instead of making it better.” He also “increased the number of days when schools, sports teams or booster clubs can sell food and drinks during the school day from three to six days per year.” Thanks to Miller, the food they sell does not have to adhere to Michelle’s ridiculous rules, so they can do bake sales once again.

If Michelle wants to argue that Texas wants their children to be fat, she’s gonna hate what Miller did next. The commissioner “to increase awareness about healthy foods and nutrition programs.” One program he created is called Farm Fresh Friday, which will “help school cafeterias connect with local farmers to provide fresh food.”

THIS is how childhood obesity can be fixed effectively. Michelle Obama bossing our children around has not helped anything. Instead, it has only made them make even unhealthier dietary choices as they try to dodge her sickening school lunches. The way to stop childhood obesity is to increase awareness about healthy foods, and to give families more options as to what to feed their children.

The bottom line is Michelle Obama should not be deciding what our children eat. That decision is up to us, and we applaud Texas for giving control back to the parents.