ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – At the start of the New Year, 150 armed volunteer militiamen have captured and occupied a Federally owned building in the State of Oregon.  This protest and occupation did not occur in a vacuum.  They are the result of a nationwide campaign by the Bureau of Land Management and the EPA to expand publically owned land, nature preserves, and wildlife habitats at the expense of private land owners and private citizens having pre-existing grazing or riparian rights on Federally controlled lands.

At the heart of the Oregon controversy is the Hammond Family of Burns, Oregon.  Their fight with the Federal government began when the BLM criminally charged the family for starting fires on their own land, as a means of clearing the ground of underbrush to plant grass for cattle grazing.  The controlled burn spread onto Federally owned lands before it was put out, but not to a significant degree.  But that was all the excuse the Bureau of Land Management needed to charge the Hammonds as terrorists, and as arsonists.  That was 15 years ago.  The Hammonds ended up doing jail time for five long years, as unjust an outcome as one could conceive.  Now the Federal government is persecuting the Hammonds again, slapping them with $400,000 fines and making them get Federal permission to buy or sell anything over $500 with respect to their property.  This is pure tyranny.  The Obama Regime hates ranchers, and wants to put the beef industry in America out of business for the same eco-wacko reasons it wants to kill the coal industry.  Because it cares more about pleasing the militant vegan constituency of the Hard Left, and is willing to trample the rights of land owning Americans to do it.

The Hammonds have been forced to expend over one million dollars in legal fees defending themselves.  The local community rallied behind the Hammonds, with over 500 people assembling in peaceful protest against the draconian persecution of the Hammonds by the Federal government.  They were ignored.

The Oregon Farm Bureau has collected 8,000 separate petitions protesting the Federal government’s abuse of its powers.  These have been ignored as well.  Not one local, state, or Federal official has responded in any way to these peaceful attempts to petition the government—a situation eerily familiar to that described in the Declaration of Independence against King George the 3rd.

Having exhausted all peaceful means through the Federal Courts, and petitions to the government, for a cessation of this mindless persecution of the Hammonds, Patriots in the Militia Movement have put out a Call to Arms, for armed patriots to rally in Burns, Oregon in a last ditch attempt to gather enough support through public opinion to make the Bureau of Land Management back off of their unjust witch hunt against the Hammond Family.

The Patriots hope to gather enough armed militiamen to make the Federal government stand down, as they did at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.  Things have now escalated with the seizure and occupation of a building (not in use) owned by the Federal Government.  If Barack Obama was looking for an excuse to start shooting American citizens, he has found one.  The Obama Regime has been poking and prodding the American people, hoping to initiate violence, for years.  Consider that it is George Soros funding the Black Lives Matter Movement, which went to great lengths to goad and provoke a violent response from whites eating in restaurants or shopping in stores.


From Left to Right:  Joseph O’Shaunessey, Brian Cooper, John Ritzheimer, Jason Patrick put out a Call to Arms for Patriots to travel to Burns Oregon.

The Obama Regime started this terror campaign against land owners with the Bundy Ranch near Las Vegas, Nevada.  There, the BLM was used to run the Bundy’s off of Federal lands to which they held century old grazing rights, so that Senator Harry Reid and his son could make a fortune selling the Federal land to a Chinese company that wanted to cover the grazing land with solar panels.  A tense standoff between armed patriots on horseback and BLM Stormtroopers ensued on live television.  Disliking the optics, the Feds backed down.


Remember that this is the same government that told the FBI to stand down in their investigation and monitoring of the San Bernadino Jihadi couple.  It was the White House that has told the FBI not to look at posts made by Muslims on social media when vetting them for entry into the country.  But singe a few weeds on Federal land by mistake, and this same government will criminally prosecute you, throw you in jail, and then continue to persecute you with enormous fines until they ruin you and run you off your own lands!

The American people are a good and decent people.  So good, in fact, that despite Obama’s best efforts to start a Race War in this country between Blacks and Whites, using provacateurs to burn down parts of Ferguson and Baltimore, and using Black Lives Matter thugs to terrorize whites, that Obama has turned to importing tens of thousands of Muslim radicals, many of whom are almost certainly agents of ISIS, to start domestic bloodshed that way.  This was after Obama stood down the border and flooded the country illegally with millions from Mexico and Central America.  Obama has done everything he can to sow division and chaos in this country, and to initiate a level of violence that would provide the excuse to impose Martial Law.  So now he runs white ranchers off their land, and is about to declare war on gun owners, hoping that they too will take up their arms to resist the government.  At some point, We The People must resist a criminal and lawless government tyranny.


We have come to that moment under a tyrannical government where we must ask ourselves:  “What would George Washington do?”  “What would Thomas Jefferson do?”  “What would Patrick Henry do?”  “What would Samuel Adams do?”  The brave militiamen who are gathering in Burns Oregon are like the Minutemen who gathered on the Greens of Lexington and Concord, when British troops of occupation tried to seize American arms. 

This generation, as well, is perilously close to having to carry the burden of armed rebellion against a tyrannical government.  Pray to God that we are up to the task, or else our descendants are about to enter a New Dark Ages that will last a thousand years.