The American Left Comes Unhinged

ELDER PATRIOT – The American Left – that includes so-called moderate Republicans – has become completely unhinged.  You can tell because they are accusing Donald Trump of that and history tells us that every time they accuse someone of anything they are deflecting that truth from themselves.

The mainstream (leftwing) media has taken to comparing Trump with Adolph Hitler.  Anyone with even a little knowledge of the event surrounding World War II and the rise of Third Reich under Hitler has to be appalled at the historical misrepresentation.

Then, like now, we were embroiled in a culture war that the leaders of the free world refused to acknowledge.  Neville Chamberlain, the feckless British prime minister leading up to the war has become infamous for his declaration of “peace in our time” after meeting with Hitler.  He left that meeting believing what he wanted to believe.  If this sounds like Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Republican congressional leadership it’s because it’s eerily similar given the circumstances.

Culture wars cannot be won through negotiation.  Especially not culture wars with religious fanatics committed to dying to get what they want.

Hitler was intent on eradicating the Jewish people on his way to world domination.  Because no one wanted to believe those were Hitler’s intentions sixty million people died in the worldwide conflict that followed. 

How does this relate to Trump?  Is it Trump or the leaders of radical Islam who want to kill all of the Jewish people, with Christians added in for good measure, in an attempt to establish a worldwide caliphate?  Keep in mind also that it is the allegedly moderate Muslim countries that are funding terror groups like ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the rest of the miscreant terrorist hate groups.  We have no friends on that side of the earth that we can trust.  And, most certainly, there is no one on that side of the earth that trusts us.

We can learn much from the Left’s insistence on invoking the name of Adolph Hitler into this debate.  It’s just not what they want us to take away from the discussion. 

There were two American political heroes of World War II, Franklin Roosevelt and the man who succeeded him after his death, Harry Truman.  Both were liberal Democrats but they knew what war was and they knew how to fight one.

President Roosevelt fearing the potential for sedition within the growing Japanese community residing in the United States had them rounded up and moved into internment camps.  Many lost their life’s savings in the process.  Trump has stopped far short of anything nearing that only asking for a moratorium on Muslims entering the country “until we can get our arms around the problem.”

The there’s President Truman who, understanding the potential for millions more American deaths if the war continued being executed by ground troops decided to use nuclear weapons on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The devastation was so complete and beyond anything the Japanese command could respond to that they surrendered unconditionally.  War over. 

We can learn a lot from history as long as we don’t let the Left continue to rewrite it to suit their needs.

Trump is a man who has come forward at a time when his country is in dire need of his leadership.  He’s a man with the courage to say what needs to be said and to do what needs to be done.  This has caused our Chamberlainesque leaders to become completely unhinged and to ask him to step aside.  This is reminiscent of the British who rejected the warnings of Winston Churchill prior to WW II only to turn to him when it was almost too late.

Don’t let it get that late here, now.