ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The Republican National Convention kicks off this Monday, July 18th, and will run for a full week next week, culminating with Donald Trump receiving the nomination of the Republican Party during primetime on Friday night…presumably, #NeverTrumpers notwithstanding.  Word on the street is that Trump will conclude his search for a running mate with an announcement this Friday, which will be calculated to dominate the weekend news cycle going into the convention…presumably, #BlackLivesMatter killing more cops notwithstanding.

Although Trump is spending the middle of this week campaigning with Governor Mike Pence of Indiana (reviewed in Part 2 of this series), this might be just a head fake by Trump to achieve some tactical surprise with the announcement of someone else on Friday.  In this column, I will explore two more candidates on Trump’s short list.


Trump has long said that he’s looking for an experienced insider who knows the ropes of Congress to pass his agenda. If that’s what he wants, there’s arguably no one more qualified than the former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.  Gingrich also represented Georgia in Congress for 20 years and was the architect of the enormously successful Contract with America.

Gingrich has also run for president himself several times in his own right, making him a seasoned campaigner.  Gingrich is simply brilliant on his feet during a debate, with an ability to combine incisiveness, mental imagery, and a biting wit. 

On the downside, Gingrich is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  The CFR is a globalist organization.  In terms of long term vision, Gingrich and Trump couldn’t be further apart.  Gingrich supports the submersion of the United States into a North American Union, and America would soon find itself as Great Britain did in the EU—a country that had lost its sovereignty, and was subject to rules and regulations made by distant, unaccountable bureaucrats.  It would be Taxation without Representation all over again.  What was the American Revolution for?

Choosing Newt Gingrich would essentially put a big target on Trump’s back.  Like the selection by Reagan of G.H. Bush as his vice president, it would be only weeks until shadowy forces arranged for an assassination attempt.  With Trump out of the way, Gingrich as his successor would make it full speed ahead for Global Government.

Gingrich was also quick to jump on the bandwagon castigating Trump for his attacks on the La Raza judge hearing his case as somehow being “racist”.  A career politician, Gingrich would have his own political agenda, and might not be willing to stick by Trump in the event of another actual, or invented, verbal gaffe.

There are other, lesser, negative factors.  The Democrats spent a full decade vilifying Gingrich, and all that dirty laundry from the 1990’s would be dredged up.  Gingrich is old.  He would be in his 80’s if Trump serves two terms.  I would like to see the Trump ticket looking forwards, not turning back to the past.

There’s also the inconvenient fact that between Trump and Gingrich, the pair have been married six times combined.


An interesting Dark Horse pick is retired Lt. General Michael T. Flynn, a 33 year Army Veteran and former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.  On the plus side, Flynn is another non-politician in an election cycle where the voters are decidedly anti-politician.  Flynn is relatively young at 57, and would balance the ticket in governing the country by bringing military and foreign affairs expertise to compliment Trump’s acumen on economic matters.

Flynn is a registered Democrat, and a split party ticket hasn’t been put on the ballot since the early days of the Republic.  But Flynn is no liberal, and actually had his tenure as D.I.A. director cut short due to clashes with the Obama Administration.  No friend of the radical left, Flynn has also been an outspoken critic of how Obama has been handling the War on Terror.  Unlike Mike Pence, Flynn would be a steadfast wingman unlikely to be a coward under political fire.  Not being a career politician, Flynn does not have a discernable separate agenda, and is copacetic with Trump on the issues of a strong military, victory against terror, and America First.  Flynn as a running mate would not be inviting the assassin’s bullet to be used on Trump.

On the downside, Flynn would offer nothing to help Trump navigate the shoals of politics in Congress, no expertise in passing legislation, and his Democrat party status might engender further worries by Republican Party regulars.  On the campaign trail, Flynn would be just as much a neophyte as Trump.  Flynn would not help woo social conservatives, he is pro-abortion and neutral, at best, on same sex marriage.

Watch the news feeds tomorrow for an announcement by Trump on who he has chosen for a running mate.