ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – About 30 black and white students, from a group called the Black Justice League (which sounds like a bad comic book that nobody buys), took part in a protest last Wednesday inside the office of Princeton University’s president, demanding the school remove the name of former school president and U.S. President Woodrow Wilson from programs and buildings over what they said was his racist legacy.

Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber told the students he agreed with them that Wilson was racist and that the university needs to acknowledge that.  But a spokesman for Eisgruber also told students it is important to weigh Wilson’s racism with the contributions he made to the nation.

Really?  And what contributions might those be?

Wilson was the President of Princeton from 1902 to 1910.  During that time, Wilson infamously declared that the mission of Princeton was to make its graduates “as unlike their fathers as possible”.  Wilson had particular disdain for religious belief, and in 1910 America that meant devout Christian, bible based religious faith.  Wilson’s favorite book was titled Phillip Dru, Administrator:  A Story of Tomorrow 1920-1935.  This was a blueprint for big, statist, centrally planned government that completely controlled the economy and the people of a nation, masquerading as fiction.  It is a dreary, yet clear, window into the heart and mind of Wilson.  He longed to turn our constitutional republic into a command and control, fascist police state.  If not impeded by an opposition party and the Constitution, Wilson would have refashioned America to resemble Fritz Lang’s movie Metropolis.

Wilson campaigned on keeping America out of World War One, then promptly upon election, started authorizing secret munition shipments to Great Britain, using passenger liner passengers as human shields.  128 Americans paid for Wilson’s duplicity with their lives when a German U-Boat torpedoed and sank the Lusitania.  In truth, this was exactly what Wilson had been hoping for, because the dead bodies provided a pretext for Wilson to get the United States into the Great War. 

Why did Wilson want to involve America in World War One?  That great Democrat Maxim:  Never let a good crisis go to waste.  Beyond the obvious benefit to American arms manufacturers, wartime allowed Wilson to implement elements of his Fascist plans for population control and manipulation.  Under the anti-German hysteria whipped up by Wilson’s loyalists, the speaking and teaching of the German language was actually outlawed!  German language classes, until then a common part of the public school curriculum, were discontinued and in many areas outlawed entirely.  German language books were burned, and Americans who spoke German were threatened with violence or boycotts.  Anti-German sentiment rose across the nation, engineered and instigated by Wilson’s propagandists, and German American institutions came under attack.  German language newspapers were forced out of business by government harassment and threats.


The German names of schools, foods, streets, and towns, were changed.  As an example, sauerkraut was renamed “liberty cabbage”.  These institutions never recovered.  Some examples of anti-German hatred were just plain irrational:   Music written by Wagner and Mendelssohn was removed from concert programs and even weddings. Physical attacks were more violent, with German-American businesses and homes becoming targets for vandalism, and German-Americans accused of being “pro-German” being tarred and feathered, and, in at least once instance, lynched.

President Woodrow Wilson gave hate speeches about “hyphenated Americans” whose loyalty he claimed was divided. The Wilson Administration warned that “Every citizen must declare himself American–or traitor.”

Wilson signed into law the Sedition Act of 1918, which forbade the use of “disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language” about the United States government, its flag, or its armed forces or that caused others to view the American government or its institutions with contempt.  This was, clearly, a broad attack on the First Amendment, which specifically preserves the right of the individual to criticize the government.  The act also allowed the Postmaster General to confiscate and not deliver any mail that allegedly met the definition of sedition under the Act.  Those convicted under the Sedition Act faced imprisonment for five to 20 years. 

Then there were the notorious Palmer Raids, a series of arrests of radical leftists, specifically anarchists, by Wilson’s Attorney General Mitchell Palmer, carried out by the Justice Department.  The raids resulted in a number of deportations of individuals for the “crime” of having anti-Federal government opinions.


Such was the descent into crazed and frenzied madness under Wilson that his successor, Warren Harding, would successfully campaign for the Presidency on the promise for “A Return To Normalcy”; that he would return America to the way it was before Wilson and World War One.  Thankfully, Harding kept his campaign promise, but few today appreciate how much the promise of normalcy resonated with an America exhausted with Wilson’s fascist experiment.  This shameful episode has been largely scrubbed clean from American history textbooks.

The one thing about Wilson that does remain in the history books was his League of Nations proposal, which the U.S. Senate thankfully kept the United States from joining.  This was merely the first attempt in a series of attempt to destroy American Sovereignty, which would then be weakened by our joining the United Nations and which is now threatened entirely if Barack Obama succeeds in chaining the U.S. under the Trans Pacific Partnership, the name “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” having already been taken.  Look it up if you don’t get the joke.

So, this is one name removal I actually agree with. Woodrow Wilson WAS a flaming racist. But unlike Jefferson and Washington, Wilson didn’t have the excuse of living in a different era where slavery was the norm. Wilson lived in the modern era of the 20th century. Nevertheless, he actually rolled back progress on race relations when he was president. Wilson RE-SEGREGATED the military and the Federal bureaucracy after it had already been racially integrated after the Civil War. Wilson hosted the KKK at the White House at a time when it was in active use as the terror arm of the Democrat Party in the South to keep blacks from voting.


Wilson was a fellow traveler in the Eugenics Movement with Margaret Sanger, and enthusiastically endorsed the idea of “racial cleansing”. Wilson was an enemy of the Constitution, and was the architect of the giant Federal bureaucracy we have today, laying the foundations with the enactment of the Federal Income Tax, the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and the changing of Federal Senators from being chosen by State Legislatures to being popularly elected.  While most people thought this was a “reform”, what it actually did was remove from the States a voice in the Federal government and create 100 Feudal Lords with no loyalty except to themselves and their own personal financial empires.

In summary, Woodrow Wilson was an evil prick who deserves nothing but our rebuke and scorn today.  Good riddance.