The Democrat Party: Increasing Defined by Their Lunatic Fringe

ELDER PATRIOT – It’s becoming laughable watching the extremists that increasingly define the Democratic Party pulling it down the rabbit hole of insanity on a daily basis.

Take gays’ insistence on violating the religious beliefs of Christian bakers.  This did more damage to their movement in the court of public opinion than any court ruling in their favor might have helped them. 

Similarly, open border immigration groups such as La Raza have exerted themselves beyond what most Americans deem reasonable in making any argument in defense of illegally entering our country.  Simply, guests do not make demands of their hosts.  Unwelcomed guests walk an even tighter line.  Their recent release of a video using foul-mouthed children did nothing to advance their cause but did expose just how radicalized they are.

That rank and file Democrats continue to buy into Hillary Clinton despite polling that shows 60% of voters don’t trust her shows inconsistency at best and complete stupidity at worst.  There may be some hope, though.  Running virtually unopposed Madame Hillary is barely over 50% in the polls.  It’s easy to make the case that Trump would now have 65% support even with a sole establishment candidate in the race.

Spoiled brats inhabiting our college campuses and making demands for the termination of their universities’ presidents is especially hilarious.  The administrators and educators are overwhelmingly radical leftists, themselves.  I guess they’re not radical enough for the new generation of “student” who insists on never being offended, having history revised to meet their uniformed but fragile mindsets, science and economics altered so that their perverted world view isn’t challenged, and having someone else pay for all of this.  They may actually have one thing right by not wanting to pay for their education.  The educational model that they are seeking to craft will be worthless in the real world.  Of course that begs that question of why taxpayers should pay for it either. 

Now the hypocrisy of the LBGT is on full display as they protest Caitlyn Jenner for giving a speech in front of an audience at Chicago House an organization that describes itself as the “Midwest’s oldest provider of housing for those impacted by HIV/AIDS and/or LGBTQ marginalization” and the “home to the nation’s most comprehensive social service and support programs for transgender individuals, the TransLife Center.”  This sounds like a fairly inclusive group so why the animus towards one of their sisters?  They claim Caitlyn isn’t poor enough to warrant a platform.  Someone has to explain to me why this matters.  Doesn’t Jenner make the case that anyone can be transgendered to a degree, even an ex-Olympic champion and world record holder?

This is the face of the modern Democratic Party.  They will likely receive at least 45% of the vote in the next election.  Scary?