The Despicable Mrs. Clinton

ELDER PATRIOT – During times of an earlier Clinton scandal then First Lady Hillary Clinton made the rounds on television complaining that there was a vast right-wing conspiracy out to get her husband.  She never explained just how that conspiracy worked or who were the members of it.  Nor did the sycophants who doubled as “reporters” ever ask her for more details.

Fast forward to today to Mrs. Clinton’s umpteenth personal scandal that surrounds her violation of the Espionage Act caused by her wanton disregard for the handling of classified information and she’s still blaming everyone but herself.    Those closest to her at the Department of State like Huma Abedin should be very worried because the only person Mrs. Clinton is absolutely committed to saving is herself. 

Mrs. Clinton is being aided by the mainstream media that, to date, still has not decided that her lawless and treasonous behavior deserves their thorough investigative efforts.  That’s bad news for Ms. Abedin who is similarly guilty but remains likely to take the brunt of the punishment if Hillary deems that to be the way to save her self. 

It’s important to keep in mind that Mrs. Clinton was the head of the State Department making her responsible for insuring the proper handling of classified information by every one of her subordinates as well as reporting anyone outside of her employ who is in violation of the law.

Mrs. Clinton knows the extent of her violations of federal law but refuses to resign her candidacy for the presidency.  It is doubtless that she has been approached by any number of people advising her to get out now in exchange for some minor rebuke by the Republicans investigating this.  As this plays out she is exposing herself as a self-serving bitch that doesn’t care about who she brings down including her party and her closest “friends.” 

Ever since Richard Nixon resigned the presidency ahead of an impending impeachment proceeding, he has been held out as the allegorical corrupt politician.  Now Mrs. Clinton, who as a young lawyer served as an investigator of Mr. Nixon’s improper behavior, is refusing to take a lesson from Mr. Nixon’s walk away deal and continues pushing the envelope in an unprecedented display of personal avarice.

Mrs. Clinton’s behavior, while far more egregious and despicable than Nixon’s, is not unexpected for anyone who has followed her personal and political lives closely.  What is disheartening, if not surprising, is the number of voters who remain committed to supporting her despite knowledge of her shockingly corrupt ways.