The Donald vs The New World Order

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump is quickly becoming the worst nightmare of the ruling elite’s control of both political parties and their incessant drive of our political system towards subservience to the New World Order.

Unlike most of the Republican cookie-cutter candidates, The Donald has struck a chord with conservatives who have been searching for a candidate who won’t bow to the god of political correctness.  Trump is crafting an image as someone who doesn’t blanche when being attacked for addressing difficult issues with a simple straightforward view.  It’s becoming clear that the more he is attacked in the mainstream media, the more popular he becomes.  NBC, NASCAR, Univision celebrity chefs and other fascists may be abandoning him but he remains undeterred and his popularity is soaring.

It may be that the people have finally awoken to the fact that the mainstream media serves solely as the propaganda arm of the progressive movement and are now rejecting their message.  It may be that Trump’s willingness to take a clearly defined straightforward position and stand firm in its defense is attracting more voters everyday.  Likely, it’s a combination of both and more.

Conservatives appear to have finally had enough of the Republican Party’s perfectly manicured candidates with their nuanced positions and lack of fight in defending the conservative principles that served as the cornerstones of America’s greatness.

It’s been almost 27 years since Ronald Reagan said goodbye to the White House taking him his unique ability to merge conservative values with a denigration of leftist tendencies into an easily swallowed quip.  No matter what the mainstream media threw at him (it was as relentless and disparaging as anything they say about conservatives today) The Gipper stood fast anchored by his faith in God and his knowledge that no society founded on socialist ideals can remain free.

Reagan rode into the political sunset in January of 1989 and with him went any desire amongst our Washington elite to protect our national sovereignty.  Much to the chagrin of the party’s followers, Republicans have consistently parroted the words, “The era of Reagan is over,” as though time-proven values change, and the underlying principles that have underpinned America’s greatness should be discarded.  Now comes Donald Trump.

Many of his past political positions do not square with Conservatives.  It matters little.  Conservatives have been so marginalized and impugned by the Republican Party that they have little expectations of having much of their agenda adopted by the current party leadership.  If Trump can close the borders, void the international trade treaties and repeal Obamacare as he is promising, Conservatives will be overjoyed.  Additionally, Trump’s successful no-nonsense approach to business holds promise for an American economic revival.  And, having made famous the phrase “you’re fired,” his swelling ranks of conservative supporters my even envision the possibility of realizing their long held hope that failed federal departments will finally be eliminated.

Perhaps most significant is the fact that Trump is not only a Washington outsider, he is a political outsider.

International mega-corporations have brought us to the brink of lost sovereignty.  It’s ironic that, like David and Goliath, a relatively small businessman may stop tyranny in its tracks.