The Doublespeak Is Hitting The Fan

ELDER PATRIOT – As the reality of a Trump presidency begins sinking in the entrenched Washingtonian ruling class has taken to predicting dire consequences for the country if Trump were to win and they now say they’re considering the possibility of running a third party candidate to submarine the Trumpster even if that means handing the presidency to Hillary Clinton.  Let that sink in for a minute.

The image of the GOP Elite being forced to abandon their own party is priceless.  It conjures up a picture not unlike that millions of Americans are facing in losing their jobs and their homes to outsiders because of Republican policy.  It’s only proper, as the rank and file lose their homes the establishment elites have lost their party.  It’s somehow fitting that party leaders who have failed to deliver on their promises of conservatism are now disposed by a “common sense” conservative.  For failing to dispose of Trump earlier they now march to the orders of their Globalist puppet masters.


This is truly schadenfreud at its best.

Establishment Republicans come forward daily to say they will not be able to unite behind Donald Trump.  Why?  He’s clearly the one candidate who is overwhelmingly popular with the majority of the base and, if not for the orchestrated smear campaign against him by party regulars who fear they will not be able to control him, Trump would be even more popular among an even larger swath of the rank and file.

At the least, rejecting the overwhelming message from their rank and file clearly proves it was never their intention to represent the will of the people, they just used that charade as long as it served their purposes.  Now that that veil is off their corrupt enterprise they have embarked on full-throated survival mode.

The party establishment’s unwillingness to fight for rank and file Republicans in order to gain even a modest victory on some arcane issue has left them insisting they’re conservatives and Trump is not but without any bullets in their gun to back up their bluster.  At least Trump gets it right some of the time on the big issues that matter to conservatives and that a president can affect.  These bloviating liars have nothing but rhetoric to prop up their claims of conservative bona fides.

They have taken to charging Donald Trump might have donated money to Planned Parenthood.  That’s why they want his tax returns.  Don’t these glass-house rock-throwers realize their claims only serve to highlight the fact that they’ve funded the abortion mill with their constituents’ money when they had been given the authority and instructions to stop it?

The fact is they recognize how stupid they sound but they are literally fighting for their freedom.  The same freedoms they so deceivingly stole from us.  A Trump presidency not only challenges their gravy train but may well result in the exposure of these treasonous skanks to civil and criminal prosecutions.

While the irony of the Elite’s position is so delicious it is only a harbinger of how sweet a Trump victory might be.

A word of caution, the powerful will not be disposed of without great risk to those performing the cleansing.  John Kennedy’s assassinated stands as a stark reminder to what happens to those that would challenge them.