ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – On Tuesday night, December 15, 2015, the Republican Primary candidates gathered in Las Vegas for their final debate of the year.  The main event featured Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich.  There was an earlier undercard debate for the Asterisk Candidates, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, George Pataki, and Lindsey Graham.  I don’t care about what was said during the Kiddie Table Debate, and neither should you.

First, a comment on fashion.  Carly Fiorina showed up as if she had dressed to appear on an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, sporting a giant, jeweled crucifix on her chest that looked like she borrowed it from Moka San of the Rosario & Vampire anime series.  This was complimented by a blood red, gothic tailored business suit—perfect if you work at Van Helsing, L.L.C.


For the men, there was apparently a memo that made the rounds instructing them all to wear a dark suit, white shirt, and red tie.  Kasich deviated with a powder blue tie (no doubt in a nod to his Liberal DemocRat fan base) while Christie chose a blue shirt (it hides the crumbs dropped from those Krispy Kreme donuts better).  Thank God for Ben Carson, who ignored the wardrobe memo entirely and arrived in a smart and dapper blue pinstripe suit with a blue polka dot tie.

Ben Carson

Now, down to the scoring:

Who Won?  If the goal of the Republican Establishment is still to take out Donald Trump, they failed again.  In fact, they didn’t even lay a glove on Trump.  By that measure, Trump won.  By another measure, the Drudge Poll immediately after the debate, Trump was the clear winner with the voters.

Who Did Well?  Ted Cruz had a good night, coming out on top in his duel with Marco Rubio.  Rand Paul had his best debate performance to date, really shining on foreign policy and proposals for fighting ISIS.

Who Was the Biggest Loser?  This would be a three way tie between Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, and Jeb Bush.  All three of these candidates are selling a product that the voters aren’t buying, and it is really time for them to exit the race.  Fiorina’s every answer to every question asked of her consisted of her touting her executive experience, something that was thoroughly demolished by Donald Trump in an earlier debate when he recounted the damage done to Hewlitt Packard by Fiorina before she was fired.  Voters had a brief flirtation with Fiorina, but have clearly left her waiting at the altar, a spurned woman.  She has plunged to low single digits in recent polls, and her debate performance in Las Vegas did nothing to turn that around.

Kasich continues to campaign on the theme of keeping the borders wide open, and giving every illegal a big bear hug and full amnesty.  Ditto for Bush, who continues to view coming to the United States illegally as an “act of love”.  Both tout their long experience as Governors and being able to work with Democrats and “cross the aisle”, something that Republican voters are absolutely fed up with seeing their Republican representatives and Senators do in Washington.

There were specific match ups between certain candidates:

Trump vs. Bush:  The Donald wiped the floor with Jeb.  Bush tried to fire off a zinger about how “you can’t insult your way to the Presidency”.  Trump responded by noting that “I’m at 42 and you’re at 3.  You started off in the center of the stage and now your moving further and further out to the end.  Pretty soon you’ll be off the stage.”  This was like the nerdy towel boy challenging the high school quarterback to be named team captain.  It didn’t help that Bush looks nerdy wearing glasses, reminding viewers of the president of their school AV club.  Nor did it help that the Bush Miami Viewing Party had fewer attendees than there were candidates on the stage.  What does it say about the Establishment’s Chosen One when he can’t even fill a room with supporters?  The optics couldn’t be worse.

Trump then delivered the coup de grace on Bush by reminding him about how his brother, Bush 43, flew the Bin Laden family out of the United States the day after 911.  We aren’t supposed to know about how friendly and clubby the Bush family is with the Saudis, who are increasingly being exposed as the architects and funders of Islamic Terror world-wide.  ISIS is essentially a proxy army of Saudi Arabia. 

Cruz vs. Rubio:  Cruz won handily, delivering severe body blows to Rubio over their respective voting records on immigration.  Cruz was the most Reaganesque of all the candidates, speaking eloquently and beaming with pride in America.

Paul vs. Christie:  This really comes down to the voter’s viewpoint, but I think Rand Paul is smarter and more appealing to hammer protecting civil liberties and the Bill of Rights, while Christie, the Baron Harkonen of the GOP field, continues to offer a vision for America under an even more oppressive police state apparatus, championing the government collection of meta data on private citizens, and enlarging the panopticon surveillance system we already live under.  I just don’t see that resonating with a majority of conservatives.  It is a worthwhile debate to have, and the choice is stark:  Which do you value more?  Liberty or Safety.  Well, we all know what Benjamin Franklin had to say on the subject.  If you don’t, then shame on you and go look it up right now.

Hugh Hewitt asked Trump if he would pledge to not run third party.  Trump affirmed that he wants to stay in the Republican Party, in a tone of humility, saying he was proud and thankful to be the Republican front runner.  This is going to garner Trump a few extra points in the polls.

Trump and Cruz have apparently entered a Cease Fire Agreement, the two being cordial and friendly to each other during the entire debate.  Cruz quipped that he will build a wall on the Southern Border, and make Donald Trump pay for it, causing Trump to laugh hard.


Kasich said there was too much arguing and shouting, coming from the obnoxious back bencher who has constantly interjected and shouted in prior debates.  Shut up and go home, John.  Appeals to civility will not win you the presidency.  The Republicans on Capitol Hill are cooperating and surrendering all too much on too many things as far as Republican voters are concerned.  They want to elect a candidate who will go to Washington and push back on the Democrat agenda, and fire all the lazy useless bureaucrats who sit around all day watching porn on government computers and running up their expense accounts.

Carson asked if he was okay with civilian women and children getting killed in war.  Hey, that’s why it’s called W-A-R, and war is Hell.  The purpose of a military in wartime is to kill people and break things.  Carson fumbled around a bit, and got around to saying civilian casualties are regrettable.  It was not the answer that the nation needs.

CNN, avoided asking really stupid questions, like raise your hand if you believe in Evolution, and stuck to the topic of the day:  The War on Terror, and foreign policy.  It appears that the universal condemnation of CNBC has gotten through a few of the thick heads in the Liberal Media.  CNN didn’t embarrass itself, so that is a win for Journalism.