The Government Is Looking For Someone (Anyone) To Stay In This Isolated Town

VIA|  Summer vacation season is nearly upon us, and as temperatures begin to rise, you’re probably starting to plan your own getaway. Most people prefer a warm, sandy beach…and who can blame them?

But for those of you seeking something a bit spookier than the beach, let me suggest the small town of Garnet, Montana.

Oh, I forgot to mention the catch: Garnet is a ghost town. In fact, it’s the most intact ghost town still standing in America. It’s also the most haunted.

According to local historians, Garnet is an ordinary-looking ghost town by day. But when the sun sets, the spirits come out in droves.

Those who find themselves in town around midnight have reported hearing ghostly voices and notes being played on the piano in the old saloon.

If that doesn’t sound too terrifying for you, then the Federal Government could actually use your help.

Every year several volunteers are chosen to live in Garnet for a few months at a time to work as tour guides and help maintain the town. While the position isn’t paid, all of your food and housing needs are taken care of by the government.

Those selected to be volunteers have to deal with some pretty primitive conditions.

There’s no electricity, Internet, or running water, which in my opinion would just make ghostly occurrences that much more terrifying.

Sadly, the program for Garnet is already all filled up for this summer. If you’re looking to get a leg up for next year, make sure to check out the volunteer page here for more details.