ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means:  It’s Trump Day!  Let’s get started.

We’ll start by looking at how far the GOP Establishment’s Heir Apparent has fallen, and is heading for rocky shoals.  Jeb Bush is down to an embarrassing 4% in the New Hampshire polls.  The Daily Beast is openly calling for Bush to get out of the race and give Marco Rubio a chance.  The RINO Establishment is very worried.  So worried, in fact, that they jettisoned John Boehner as Speaker of the House in a bid to fool the hicks into thinking that conservatives have taken their party back.  Clearly, all the in-your-face betrayals of the Republican Leadership to the rank and file conservative base over issues like not lifting a finger to repeal Obamacare, not opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty and in fact rigging the vote to ensure an Obama victory, rolling over on same sex marriage, etc., have cost establishment candidates in this cycle’s primary dearly.  John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are directly responsible for the popularity of the outsider candidates like Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina.  They are part of the reason why Rick Perry and Scott Walker have already left the race (the other part being that Jeb Bush has already vacuumed up all the big donor money).

But the party elders thought they had an ace up their sleeves.  They changed Florida’s primary rules to turn it into a winner take all state.  The thinking was that Jeb Bush was sure to win his home state, and that this would create a firewall in the event of any early successes of upstart, outsider candidates.

But when Donald Trump entered the race, all those assumptions went out the window.  So how is Jeb Bush doing in the polls in Florida?  The Real Clear Politics Average has Bush (14.3%) a distant second to Donald Trump (25.7%).  Uh Oh!  So, instead of making sure Jeb Bush gets a pile of delegates early on in the race, it looks like they all might be going to Donald Trump instead!  Florida represents a treasure trove of 81 delegates.  Compare this to Iowa’s 12 or New Hampshire’s 6.  You now start to see why the Establishment is in a panic over Trump.

The Establishment, through various media outlets, has been trying to take out Trump since the first televised debate.  The latest ploy has been for CNN to obsess over a dip in Trump’s poll numbers in New Hampshire and start breathlessly questioning Trump over when he intends to quit the race.   Mind you, Trump is still leading by five points, instead of his prior 15 point lead, so it is patently absurd to be peppering the longstanding front runner in the race about when he will quit.

Trump isn’t going anywhere, in his own words.  Trump also came out strongly against the recently signed Trans Pacific Partnership treaty, whose terms are still top secret, but which is expected to contain all sorts of deals that will destroy American sovereignty.   This only reinforces his appeal to the conservative base.  Those who have read some of the provisions, like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, have warned that TPP will be a back door to creating a North American Union along the lines of the European Union, where an unelected bureaucracy writes the laws.  Restrictions on gun ownership, internet freedom, and a plethora of job killing regulations are expected.  You know it’s bad if Obama doesn’t want anyone to know what is in it.  Just like what happened with Obamacare.   

The Big Money Donors are starting to complain, and are less loose with their money for Jeb.  Such are the problems with his campaign, Jeb is now going to trot out George W. Bush to campaign for him in North Carolina, another early primary state.  But consider what this means:  Jeb Bush started his campaign by saying he was “his own man”, and was running on his record in Florida.  Now he’s leaning on W which leads outside observers to see his campaign being about winning a third term for George W. Bush.  Does anyone think that will be a successful sale with voters, given W’s approval ratings when he left office?  The rationale for Jeb’s campaign becomes more incoherent every day.   

Thus we see the calls through various outlets for Bush to stand aside.  There is some merit to this idea, since Jeb Bush is the poster boy for the Old RINO wing of the party.  The Republican Leadership now sees Marco Rubio as their best chance based on current polling.  But make no mistake, this is purely a matter of repackaging the same statist program that the GOP Leadership has been following all along.  Rubio is pro-amnesty, which until Donald Trump came along, we were told we had to accept or lose to Democrats.  The party leadership is unwilling to listen to the American People on the issue of immigration, and they are still looking for a way to get a pro-amnesty candidate elected.  Rubio is young, and a fresh face, but don’t be fooled into thinking he represents anything new.

This year, voters just aren’t buying it.