ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – #1)  Hillary Clinton’s psychotic episode at the DNC.  Well, everyone saw Hillary Clinton’s nationally televised psychotic episode where she became a mouth breathing idiot fascinated by falling balloons.  Can you imagine handing this moron, who looks like a grouper caught on a hook, being given the nuclear codes? 

Numerous mental health experts have since opined that Hillary Clinton is probably suffering from a brain tumor, a blood clot on the brain, a form of Parkinsons Disease, Alzheimers, or a combination of all four.  Dr. Steve Peiczenik, a board certified psychiatrist, has diagnosed Clinton with suffering from the onset of dementia.  Hillary Clinton is publically exhibiting symptoms of a neurological disorder, suffering from irrational rages and acting in a child-like manner.

Clinton has suffered a series of concussions which could also cause a post-concussion derangement.  Clinton is constantly followed by an escort holding a tranquilizer injector pen.  She is a woman who is seriously unwell, and who may have a catastrophic collapse before election day.


#2)  Hillary’s seizures.  Hillary has been publically caught having seizures that leave her acting like a walking, human bobble head.  The behavior may indicate she suffers a form of Parkinson’s Disease, or some other neurological disorder.  Whatever it is, the frequency of the episodes is accelerating.  In any sane world (i.e. a world where the DemocRats weren’t willing to shove everything aside in order to hold on to power) this would be an obvious disqualifying malady.

Judge for yourself.  Note that this short video has not been looped or edited in anyway beyond showing Hillary’s seizure from two camera angles.


#3)  Hillary continues to suffer prolonged, chronic coughing fits.  We aren’t talking the occasional coughing that candidates suffer due to growing hoarse with constant public speaking.  Hillary suffers from uncontrollable coughing fits that go on for several minutes at a time.  She sounds like a cat hacking up a furball.  While she is under these coughing spells she is unable to communicate or utter a word.  They happen at unpredictable times.  What if America was faced with a military emergency?  A terrorist attack?  Minutes could mean death for our soldiers and sailors waiting for permission to defend themselves while Hillary suffers another one of her coughing jags.  No one knows for sure what the cause of these coughing fits is, or how damaging they are to Hillary’s health, but Hillary and her doctor.  With typical Clinton “transparency”, Team Clinton denies there is a problem at all.  I have a theory on the cause of these coughing fits:



#4)  Hillary has had a series of falls and collapses.  In 2009, Hillary suffered a severe fall causing her to break her elbow. In 2011, she fell and injured herself boarding a plane (no claim, yet, that she was dodging sniper fire). In 2012, she had a severe concussion which Bill Clinton himself said it took her six months to recover from.  Along the way Hillary ended up with a blood clot on the brain and has been on blood thinners ever since.  The latest was this past week when Hillary struggled to walk up a short set of stairs.  She has become the Poster Girl of Incapacitation.


#5)  Hillary has been prescribed thick black glasses fitted with Fresnel prisms.  Fresnel prisms are typically used to correct double vision, to refract light through the prism so you can see a single image.  No conspiracy theory here, she has been publically photographed wearing the glasses.  So we can safely conclude that Hillary has chronic double vision whether she wants to admit it or not.  It is probably being caused by a blood clot on her brain, and probably has been the cause of at least some of her numerous falls.  One more fall might dislodge the blood clot and lead to sudden death.

The Palace Guard Media know that they are selling American voters a Defective Candidate, one with serious health flaws on top of her ethical flaws like running a criminal enterprise (Clinton Foundation) and her serial lying (Benghazi, E-mailgate).  Rather than expose the Mad Queen as physically unfit to be Commander in Chief, they are 100% engaged in carrying out the Clinton election strategy:  Convince the public that Donald Trump is crazy.  But there is nothing more crazy than offering the same failed policies as Clinton’s as the cure for a nation in decline.