The Money Says The Oligarchy Is Dead

ELDER PATRIOT – The American Oligarchy that was built with the tainted money of influential high-stakes donors was knocked off of its high perch in New Hampshire last night by Donald Trump.


All the king’s money might not be able to put the Oligarchy back together again.

In politics one must always follow the money to understand where we’re heading and where we’ve been, and why.  So let’s take a look:

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.11.01 PM

Even for the wealthiest of the 1% who are used to buying what they want the cost per delegate makes the path to owning the White House untenable. 

At this rate Bush would have to spend in excess of twenty-two billion dollars to capture the necessary number of delegates and that would only win the nomination. That’s easily 20 times the amount that was spent by Mitt Romney for the entire 2012 election.  Even Kasich would need to outspend Romney 5 to 1 to at this rate and that’s just to secure the nomination.

The bad news for both is that the delegates will cost even more for the liberal establishment candidates as the nominating process to moves to the South. 

Trump again leads the way by a significant margin as we enter the run-up to the South Carolina primary though he has spent less here than in New Hampshire to date.  If Trump’s support maintains at the same 36% level he’s currently at it’s likely he leaves South Carolina with at least 41 of the 50 delegates that are up for grabs.  If his support climbs even a little he might well sweep all 50 delegates. 

Despite spending tens of millions of dollars in S.C. the establishment candidates still don’t command enough support combined (27%) to threaten a Trump sweep of the state’s delegates.  With Trump and Cruz enjoying 56% support it’s hard to envision any level of spending changing the S.C. outcome in favor of America’s Oligarchy.