VIA|  Still a better idea than Obama’s non-strategy strategy.

According to this, Austria’s FPO party leader Heinz-Christian Strache is sick of the weak responses to Islamic radicalism. So what the heck. Let’s send them all to a Guantanamo-style island prison in the Mediterranean.

Proposing a Greek island or the Italian island of Lampedusa, Heinz-Christian Strache said these jails should house people returning to Europe after fighting for the Islamic State group and those convicted of supporting “terrorism”.

Despite being a self-proclaimed Eurosceptic (it’s a fancy way of saying he’s not a fan of the EU), he believes Europe should ban together to rid the area of Islamic radicals.

“It is now high time for our government and the EU to take action against Islamist terror, apply existing laws and protect borders,” Strache told a news conference in Vienna, calling for a stop to “uncontrolled mass immigration” in a five-point action plan.


“European governments have just stood by during the mass immigration from Islamic countries and these people’s refusal to integrate over decades, wondering why there are so-called ‘no-go areas’ in many cities where the rule of law has de facto been replaced by sharia,” he said, referring to Islamic law.

He has a valid point. He even suggested that officials take on a “prison-state” approach.

Wherever the prison would be situated, Mr. Strache said the territory should become stateless and independent of the host nation, instead being managed as a European Union prison, or even becoming its own prison-state, with independent borders and laws. Despite the obvious parallels, the FPO leader did not make a comparison with the American prison camp in Cuba, Guantanamo bay, reports Der Kronen Zeitung.

What do you think? Good idea? Ridiculous idea? If they go through with it, they definitely shouldn’t consult with Obama. He has a history of letting the world’s most dangerous terrorists out of those kinds of places. Because he’s a good person. Or something.