ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – There is a plan afoot, being carried out right now, to destroy Western Civilization.  The plan is to allow the West to be invaded by armies of violent Muslim Jihadis, under the guise of being refugees.  The conspirators carrying out this plan are not the leaders of the Mideast (at least not exclusively).  Rather it is being enabled by the Leaders of the West, many of whom have great antipathy for the West, and have long toiled quietly to destroy it.

Two of these leaders are Barack Obama and Angela Merkel.  Both have radical communist pasts.  Obama is the illegitimate child of Frank Marshall Davis.  Davis is the long time communist agent and agitator in America who took orders from handlers in the Soviet Union.  He was Obama’s mentor and shaped his upbringing to detest and hate the West and America in particular.  This was carefully hidden by the Liberal Media in the years before the 2008 election from the American voters.

Angel Merkel spent her youth in communist cadres in East Germany.  Merkel was a professional cadre in the Communist Party of East Germany, where she worked for the Academy Of Science and held a leadership position in charge of the mobilization and propaganda of the Communist Youth League between 1981 and 1989, when – to her horror – the Berlin Wall came down.

communist Merkel (1)

As we all know, Angela Merkel continues to pursue an irrational and disastrous policy of taking in millions of so-called refugees, nearly all of whom are Muslim men of military age, and most of whom are not even Syrian.  The optics of the situation fairly screams that this is an invading army.  While highly questionable to begin with, the continued importation of millions of these Muslims in the aftermath of the Massacre of Paris is insane and represents a suicide of German culture.

muslim invaders (1)

Like Merkel, Obama is shoveling Muslims and Mexicans into America for the same reasons Stalin put millions of ethnic Russians into the Baltic States and The Ukraine: To destroy the native culture and heritage, and to Balkanize the land to such a degree that the inhabitants will never be able to unite to challenge the central government.

Obama is using Christian compassion as a weapon against us. He is not bringing in widows and 3 yr. old orphans. He’s bringing in men of military age in the early 20’s nearly exclusively. And they are all Muslims. Virtually none of the oppressed Christians in Syria are being taken by Obama.

Dangerous? Obama is a Traitor.

But the fix is in for treason on both sides of the aisle in Washington.  In an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, newly elected Speaker of the House Paul Ryan declared that considering an applicant’s religion would not be “appropriate” and would be fundamentally un-American— insisting “that’s not who we are.” 

Whatever we are, we aren’t going to be so for very much longer, as the Ruling Elites use foreigners to destroy the culture, borders and language of the West.