ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – On this edition of MGTOW Mondays, we will examine the real rape culture in America:  The financial rape of men, by women and the State.

Did you know that 25 states now have laws on the books criminalizing Revenge Porn?  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, revenge porn consists of entirely consensual filming of consensual sex acts by a couple; that is then posted by one of them to a public website after they break up.

Ruminate for a moment on the lengths that the law goes to protect the interests of women:

Even though they gave full permission and “gifted” themselves to a man in the form of a pornographic film, the law gives women property rights, in perpetuity, to decide how that gift shall be used.

In addition, women have the right to demand that a man get consent from her every step of the way during the act of sex.  It is literally a “Mother, May I?” statutory framework in favor of the woman.  Women are further held blameless and nonliable for their own actions, whether it be getting drunk before having ill considered sex, walking out in public in clothing that leaves little to the imagination, or any other consequence of their own bad choices.

Men, on the other hand, are held to be responsible and in control of themselves at all times, regardless of how inebriated they happen to be at the time.  Men are also burdened with an ever elastic definition of rape.  As the incidence of real rape goes down, Feminists are redefining rape to include a woman’s remorse the day after, rape via verbal disagreement, and rape via silent staring.  When you bring up the very real rape culture against women that is Islam, and Sharia Law, the Feminists have nothing to say.

Which brings us to the Central Outrage of this article:  In Arizona, a man who WAS THE VICTIM OF STATUTORY RAPE AT THE AGE OF 14, by a 20 year old woman, was recently sued by the State of Arizona for CHILD SUPPORT of the child that resulted from the rape.  Now in his twenties, he didn’t even know he was a father for the first 8 years of his daughter’s life.  But when the pedophile mom applied for public welfare (a real shock, I know) the State of Arizona then turned around and ruled that the man was responsible for child support, even though he was a child and a rape victim at the time of conception.

In fact, The Law in America is that a man has no say, none whatsoever, with what happens to his sperm after it leaves the tip of his penis.  Stories are legion of women fishing used condoms out of waste baskets and inseminating themselves.  They do it because it becomes a Ticket to Support and Maintenance if she can get herself pregnant, at the expense of the man she had sex with.  The fact that the pregnancy was procured through theft, deception, and fraud is irrelevant to America’s legal structure.  The man is put on the hook for child support, even if his sperm is stolen.  Of course, if a woman decides to abort a man’s child, again he has no say in what happens to his sperm.  Compare that to the lengths that the law goes to protect women, even extending to consensual filming.  A woman’s nude picture is given more legal protections than a man’s sperm, or his child in the womb.

This is REAL RAPE CULTURE.  This is rape that is SUPPORTED and ABETTED by the legal apparatus of the State.  It is an entirely one way street against men and in favor of women.