The Republican Party is a Party of Fraud

ELDER PATRIOT – The Republican National Committee is set to release a 66-second web video later today blaming Obamacare on the Democrat Party.  Clearly, it’s election season.


This simply amounts to the Right-wing of our one-party system posturing against the Left-wing to keep alive the people’s belief in the Left-Right paradigm.  Over the past 4 years the Republicans had control of the House of Representatives and with that, the ability to defund the law.  They didn’t.


Now, on the eve of a Supreme Court decision that may invalidate the law, the Republican National Committee is trying to elevate their election chances by blaming the law’s existence solely on the Democrats.  However the Court decides the Republicans will be positioned to use it as an election issue.


If the Supreme Court rules to overturn the Affordable Care Act, the Republicans will be able to campaign on both sides of the issue according to their audience.  They will be able to say to their conservative followers that they have been calling it bad law since it was first brought to the floor of both houses.  They will be able to make their appeal to supporters of the ACA by pointing to the fact that they’ve funded it all along because they realize the “right” of people to be guaranteed access to health services.  If the Court decides to let the law stand they will be on record as having been against national healthcare since Hillary first proposed it in Bill Clinton’s first term.


Under the direction of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, and his predecessor Michael Steele, the Republicans have specialized in bait and switch campaigning only to rubber-stamp every Democrat initiative once in office.  House speaker Boehner and senate majority leader McConnell have promised conservatism on the campaign trail and delivered the entire Obama agenda once they were elected.  Based on their campaign promises their conduct once in office has been fraudulent.  Similar behavior in the private sector would end with imprisonment, but for the most part our politicians remain above the law.


Our only recourse in to remove them from office by silencing their campaign lies.  Withholding political contributions to the RNC and incumbent office holders is an attractive strategy.


If you value the freedoms we still have consider directing your contributions this election season only to challengers who espouse their fidelity to the Constitution and who refrain from double-talk.  Do not under any circumstance support the Republican National Committee, the Republican Senatorial Committee, the Republican Congressional Committee, or any incumbents.


These committees work solely to keep the good old boys in office.  They realize that conservatism sells to their base so that’s what they campaign on.  Once re-elected to office they continue advancing the progressive agenda with the Left-wing of their one-party governing arrangement with the Democrats.


History proves the RNC, RNSC, and RNCC will promise us one thing, but actively work against primary challengers who promise to adhere to the Constitution by withholding funding should they win their Republican primary.  It’s time to give up on the leadership of the Republican Party. It’s time to starve it to death.