The Republican Party’s Leadership Chooses Death By Suicide

ELDER PATRIOT – The most revealing argument currently being floated by establishment Republicans is that the nomination of Donald Trump would result in the death of the Republican Party.  People repeating this mantra are ignoring the fact that before Trump the party was already dead. 

Establishment candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney lost to a radicalized two-year Senator with a resume that couldn’t have gotten him hired for a middle-management job in the private sector.  More to the point, they didn’t want to beat him.  Better to let the Democrats do the work of their Globalist masters than sully what was left of the Republican brand by advancing that agenda themselves.

Even the overwhelming electoral victories in the House, the Senate and the State Houses across the country were less about promoting Republicanism and more about the people’s desperate attempt to stop the Obama agenda by any means possible.  And the rotting corpse of what was once a proudly pro-American Republican Party became evident with every passing piece of legislation that marginalized American exceptionalism and destroyed the prospects for the hard-working people who trusted their campaign lies.

Trump’s attempt to resurrect the dead is awakening a Frankenstein monster intent on destroying the little hope that is left in the American electorate.  Marco Rubio and the candidates that the party’s establishment leaders back to replace him when he is inevitably forced to quit the race, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan all offer more of the same – foreign wars without end, crony capitalism and open borders.  This is what now defines establishment Republicanism.

It’s becoming apparent to rank and file Americans that these wars without end only benefit the military industrial complex and that the pretexts used to get us into these costly and bloody incursions was a lie.

In Davos, at the World Economic Forum, Ernst & Young Global Vice Chair of Public Policy Beth Brooke-Marciniak criticized Trump for his statement that he would “get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in the U.S.” 

“The globe needs the U.S. to be strong.  The U.S. is still the horse that’s pulling the cart, and more so now with the capital outflows from emerging markets.” Brooke-Marciniak confirmed what the people were awakening to, the twenty trillion dollars of debt that America is now in was amassed “investing” in corporate interests concerned only with developing the larger world market for their gain and without regard to the plight of the American people.  In other words, bankrupting three hundred million people is less important than building global markets of six billion people.

As the number of Americans without work or underemployed continues to grow they have been confronted with the harsh realization that they have a choice to make between their compassion for decent immigrant people or being able to provide for their own families.  They should not be called xenophobic or bigoted for invoking the law of the jungle and they are now recognizing this fact in massive numbers.

Likewise, Trump’s call for a temporary halt to Muslim immigration is increasingly recognized as common sense and not racist.  Islam is a belief system not an ethnicity and, because of Trump, Americans are now recognizing that radical Islam shares much in common with Nazism.  Would we open our borders willingly to Nazis?

Trump offers the Republican Party new life and a new direction.  He’s attracting millions of new voters who are energized by his “America First” attitude.  The party’s leaders should be ecstatic if their desire was to lead the people where the people now want to go.  That they are unaccepting of Trump is proof that they have abandoned any concerns about what the people want and that the candidates they have offered to support continue to represent only the interests of corporations and bankers and their globalist movement.

The Republican Party that was, is dead.  That much was confirmed last night when 75% of their voters cast votes against the party’s establishment and in support of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. There will be a bloody intra-party war over the carcass and for control of the valuable infrastructure that will remain.  If Trump and Cruz can find a way to live together the beneficiaries will be the American people who will once again wake up to morning in America.