The Rockefeller Mediacracy Determines Your Candidates…Usually

ELDER PATRIOT – All this fuss surrounding Ben Carson is a confab of the Rockefeller Mediacracy.

When Carson’s squishy stance on the Second Amendment supporting gun control in densely populated regions becomes known his polling numbers will drop quicker than Bill Clinton’s trousers while interviewing a new intern. 

Carson’s intransigent support of mandatory vaccinations also suggests he’s a shill for Big Pharma as well as a denier of significant empirical evidence.  In light of the epidemic rise in autism shouldn’t our president at least call for a serious third party investigation?  His blind acceptance of the studies churned out by the same companies that stand to profit from the sale of these vaccines is similar to allowing Iran to report on their progress in developing nuclear weapons.


Has it occurred to anyone else that electoral debates have become a tool with which the Rockefeller Mediacracy molds the way you view the candidates?

A properly manicured candidate reciting focus group tested answers over the interminable run of debates can wipe clean any memories of a vile voting record. 

Marco Rubio is the latest beneficiary of the Mainstream Media’s effort.  Young, handsome, well groomed and sounding like a policy wonk, Rubio now leads the establishment group of candidates.  His membership in the Gang of Eight that tried to coerce conservative Republican senators into accepting the Democrats immigration plan has been forgotten and no one in the media is going to remind you, either.

If I were asking the candidates questions I would’ve asked Senator Rubio what he discussed when he met with the Bilderberg Group?  Something along the lines of “Who’s your daddy?”


I have always admired Ted Cruz.  Unfortunately, Senator Cruz is battling three tough opponents this electoral cycle.  One is the Establishment Republicans who hate conservatives.  Two is the Rockefeller Mediacracy that hates conservatives.  Three is a suspicious republican base that trusts no one previously associated with the party because they’ve consistently ignored conservatives.

Amazingly Donald Trump has overcome the hatred of both the Establishment Republicans and the Mainstream Media.  If Trump sustains his lead over the long haul he should look to team with Cruz who is brilliant on policy and knows the workings of government.  These are both areas that Trump will need help with.