This marks my 50th article.  In way of celebration of this feat, I have decided to let you in on the origins of my pen name.  As you may, or may not, have known, Romney Wordsworth is not my real name.  It is my pen name.  It is my Nom de Plume and it protects my anonymity from the totalitarians who are terrorizing the internet.  The social justice warriors, the professional Crybullies who form an online mob and who carry out cyber lynchings against voices of dissent.  Their preferred mode of attack is called “doxing” and it means documenting details of a person’s real life in order to hurt them, like initiating boycotts and letter writing campaigns to get their targets fired from their jobs.

I chose the name Romney Wordsworth in honor of a character from an episode of the original Twilight Zone television series from the 1960’s.  The episode was called “The Obsolete Man” and a rather young Burgess Meredith plays the title character.  In a dark future a fascist state requires all citizens to prove their utility to a government tribunal.  Failure to do so will result in your being declared “obsolete”, and done away with. 


The opening of the episode is read by Rod Serling:

“You walk into this room at your own risk, because it leads to the future, not a future that will be but one that might be. This is not a new world, it is simply an extension of what began in the old one. It has patterned itself after every dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time. It has refinements, technological advances, and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom. But like every one of the super-states that preceded it, it has one iron rule: logic is an enemy and truth is a menace. This is Mr. Romney Wordsworth, in his last forty-eight hours on Earth. He’s a citizen of the State but will soon have to be eliminated, because he’s built out of flesh and because he has a mind. Mr. Romney Wordsworth, who will draw his last breaths in The Twilight Zone.” — Rod Serling

During the proceedings of the Tribunal, the Chancellor, heading the Tribunal, asks Wordsworth to state his occupation.  Wordsworth responds that he is a Librarian, leading to gasps and disbelief among the State functionaries present.  The Chancellor responds:

“A Librarian…having to do with books.  Since there are no more books, Mr. Wordsworth, there are no libraries.  And of course it follows that as there are no more libraries there is little call for the services of a Librarian.  Case in point.  A Minister.  A Minister would tell us that his function is that of preaching the word of God.  And of course it follows that since the State has proven that there is no God; that would make the function of a Minister somewhat academic as well.”

Romney Wordsworth interjects:  “There IS a God!  You cannot erase God with an edict.”

This sets the Chancellor off on a tirade, shouting that there is no God:  “You are obsolete, Mr. Wordsworth.”  Wordsworth responds:  “That is a lie.  No man is obsolete!  I am a reminder to you that you cannot destroy the Truth simply by burning pages.”

The Chancellor then descends into the familiar arguments of the totalitarian Left, screaming that Wordsworth is a ghost, an anachronism, and nothing but “a bug, an ugly, misformed creature that has no purpose here”.  Always, the Left resorts to ad hominem attacks.

Wordsworth continues to argue for the dignity and self-worth of the individual:

“I’m a human being.  I exist!  And if I speak one thought aloud, that thought LIVES, even after I’m shoveled into my grave!”

The pronouncement by the Chancellor is that it is all illusion, and that the Bible and literature are just a mere narcotic and opiate to give the individual the illusion that he has strength when he really has none at all before the power of the State.

Wordsworth is sentenced to execution, but the Chancellor magnanimously allows Romney Wordsworth to choose his method of execution, the place, and the time.  Wordsworth chooses midnight on the next day, in his government assigned room, with a televised audience, and the method of execution to be known only to himself and his executioner.  The Chancellor agrees to all of this.  I won’t say anything further about the episode, so as not to spoil the ending, but encourage the reader to watch it at length.


The Chancellor’s title and uniform are specifically designed as a metaphor for Hitler and the National Socialist state.  The premise of having to justify your existence to a totalitarian state was first publically proposed in the 1930’s by the Fabian Socialists.  One of their more notable members and supporters of Stalin’s Soviet Union, George Bernard Shaw, (the playwright who wrote Major Barbara, that you were forced to read in high school) even made a black and white video of it.  In the video he proposes that everyone be forced to go before a panel once every 5-7 years and have to “justify their existence”.  Shaw states bluntly that: 

“There are an extraordinary number of people I want to kill.  And I think it would be a good thing to make everybody come before a properly appointed board, just as they might come before the income tax commissioners, and say every 5 years or every 7 years, and just put them there, and say, Sir or Madam, now will you be kind enough to justify your existence.  If you aren’t producing as much as you consume, or perhaps a little bit more, then, clearly, we cannot use the big organization of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive because your life does not benefit us (the State) and you can’t be of very much use to yourself.”  Watch it here: 

This is the same philosophy, rationale, and menace that awaits each and every one of us under Obamacare.  The Death Panels, the so-called “whole life cycles”, are all clearly derived from Fabian Socialist principles that stipulate that humanity exists to serve the State, and when the individual is no longer useful to the State, he or she is to be disposed of.  Liquidated.  Killed.  Murdered.  The procedures have already been written by Ezekiel Emmanuel, brother of Rahm Emmanuel, to withhold medical care, ANY kind of care, after you hit age 75.  It is the same theory of utilitarianism that underlies the argument for Abortion and State Assisted Suicide.  It denies the self-worth and dignity of the individual and declares that humanity exists solely to serve the State.

This same Totalitarianism and mob mentality is now on the rise, and on the march, through the American University system.  Cultist herds shout down and disrespect the individual and the rights of the individual in the name of a fabricated group right to never be offended, or challenged. 


What perfect little young fascist minds that are being now inculcated by the Marxist faculties of America’s institutions of higher propaganda, who will bring about and administer the dark fascist state envisioned in “The Obsolete Man”.

So I will continue to labor at my keyboard in defense of God and the God given rights that he gave to all of us, as Individuals, with our own self-worth and dignity, to pursue our own happiness, and not to be reduced to slave chattel of the State.  So help me, God. 

–Romney Wordsworth