The Sad Stupidity of Hillary’s Feminist Followers

ELDER PATRIOT – The other day I was astonished at a Clinton supporter’s stream of vitriol aimed at Sarah Palin after I asked a question whether feminism also had room under it’s tent for conservative women.  The attack was so venal, personal and protracted that I changed the subject as quickly as I could.

As I’ve ran the encounter over in mind multiple times I find myself dumbfounded as to why an attractive, God-fearing, Constitutionally-abiding woman who left the state she governed with a balanced budget could be so reviled?  What did she ever do to them?

Research on the Internet revealed the most vicious representations of Mrs. Palin imaginable.  In particular, Mrs. Palin is depicted as stupid beyond all previous measurements of stupid.  Can it be solely based on Mrs. Palin’s objection to abortion?


I’m sure feminists are aware that Margaret Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood and a staunch supporter of abortion rights because she envisioned abortion as a means to limiting the growth of the black race.  But, then one liberal group always suffers for the benefit of another liberal group.

Here’s what Mrs. Palin is smart enough to know though.  Supporting Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Islamic immigration is one means of preventing the violence and rapes that are now plaguing the daughters, wives and mothers in Europe.

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Many of these supposedly brilliant feminists supporting Hillary Clinton find themselves supporting her call for increasing the importation of Islamists from jihadi nations in the process. They will eventually be forced to explain to their daughters why the rape that they endured was worth it because their contraceptive and abortion rights are now fully funded by their government.

This is the face of the feminist movement, ugly, atheistic and agnostic women making up laws and morality, and spending other people’s money without regard to anyone else, including their own daughters.


Daughters of the American Feminist Revolution

Among feminist Democrat voters these are most desirable traits.