The Trump Phenomena Explained

ELDER PATRIOT – The Washington Post has reported that Donald Trump leads the Republican field of candidates seeking the presidency with 24 percent of respondents picking him in the major polls.  That’s more than double of his closest competitor.  As a result they are tying themselves in knots trying to find a way to discredit him, or in the least to marginalize him as a “legitimate” candidate.

The mainstream media has been successfully discrediting candidates under the direction of their global puppet masters for so long that they cannot understand the Trump phenomenon; the more they disparage Trump the higher his approval soars.

Trump’s willingness to vilify both political parties and their leaders for their roles in allowing illegal immigration to continue unabated has touched a nerve with citizens who worry about their jobs and their family’s safety.  Oh, and one more thing they worry about; what is happening to their country’s sovereignty?  That last one is especially important to those who barely recognize the country they were born into and worry what the country they will leave for their children will look like after they’re gone.

Trump’s next move, where he mocked party elder John McCain, was a stroke of genius.  Republican voters are still disgusted with McCain for handing the presidency to Obama.  More importantly, by taking on McCain it showed The Donald’s willingness to challenge the power structure of the party that conservative voters have nothing but scorn for.  It’s clear that Trump is the new maverick of the Republican Party.

If Trump continues hitting the hot button issues that his challengers have spent their political careers avoiding or exacerbating – the burgeoning national debt that threatens our sovereignty, Obamacare that threatens the solvency of our businesses here at home, and one-sided trade treaties that threaten our workers’ jobs are but a few – it’s likely he proves to be more than a flash in the pan.  The party has ran from so many issues over the decades that Trump can roll out a new issue every two weeks and not run out of new things to talk about until the election is over.  With each new issue Trump brings forth he will be able to hoist his challengers on their own petards.

The mainstream media will devote much of its time explaining Trump’s previous involvement with Democrats and his previous support of some of their positions in an attempt to divide Trump and his supporters.  This should have little effect since these supporters have been promised so much by the rest of the political lifers in the party who are challenging him and who have failed to deliver even a sliver.

The Trump Express is causing a major conundrum for Reince Priebus and his minions at the RNC whose job it is to raise money for the party.  We all know that political parties rely on their base for financial support.  Now that the Democrats have successfully gained the financial support of Corporate America, the Republicans are left trying to raise money from their conservative fringe that they’ve spent the last half-century marginalizing.  If things continue on this track Trump will, either, pull the party back to it’s conservative roots or splinter it permanently.  Either way it will re-establish meaning in the political debate.

The Republican Party has been withholding money from candidates who won their primaries by refusing to toe the party line.  It would be interesting to see what they do if Trump actually wins the nomination.  If they refuse to fund his campaign he’s more than able to do it himself and the Republican Party would become exposed for what it has become, Democrat acolytes.

The Donald has successfully defined himself before anyone knew he would even be a factor.  He is viewed as a no-nonsense guy with a history of success who makes things happen.  For those conservatives who have been spat upon by their party Trump’s willingness to spit back is most appealing.