The Truth Surfaces: Trump Protesters Were Well-Funded Violent Anarchists

ELDER PATRIOT – A Chicago police officer assigned to maintain the peace at the UIC Pavilion where Donald Trump was scheduled to appear last Friday night has posted to an online blog how violent the “protesters” were and how woefully unprepared the Chicago police were primarily because the so-called protesters were actually known militant leftists determined to create as much negative publicity as possible. 

As a part of the orchestrated attack on Mr. Trump the dutiful mainstream ran with the narrative that the violence was spurred by Trump’s rhetoric.  The last time we were subjected to this level of bullshit was immediately following the attack on our installations in Libya when Hillary Clinton blamed the massacre on a virtually unseen Youtube video.

Trump’s Republican opponents seized the opportunity and began blaming him as well.  When they came for the gypsies I did nothing because I wasn’t a gypsy…

The evening began with the agitators throwing garbage in the direction of Trump’s supporters and escalated to breaking the windows of cars with Trump stickers.

The officer asks, “Who wrote this plan?” when recounting that the CPD had only a minimal presence (deliberately?) to start the evening and was later forced to call out emergency incident teams to quell the professional anarchists that the media insists on portraying as “protestors.”  Chicago Mayor and ex-Obama Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emanuel has his fingerprints all over this as does Obama’s friend, guru and terrorist Bill Ayres who was photographed in the mayhem.

It appears that the officers of the CPD were made into unwilling collaborators by those in command in an effort to clear the path for the group of militant collaborators.  Why else hadn’t they taken the steps to even set up a unified command post from where to coordinate their efforts? 

The officer also questioned the CPD’s decision to empty the UIC Pavilion because it unnecessarily set up direct conflicts with the militants who, by that time, had proven they were intent on provoking as much mayhem and violence as possible for their adoring friends in the media and in support of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

It became clear from this online posting that the city of Chicago was working in unison with the agitators to give them the widest berth possible in the hopes of providing the nation with the worst possible optics of Trump’s rally.  This smacks of the Baltimore riots of last summer when the mayor there – another Democratic Obama acolyte – Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was quoted as saying of those rioters, “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”

Funding for the violent skanks was provided by open borders advocates like George Soros through groups that they support like, La Raza, Puente Human Rights Movement, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF,) the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC,) Black Lives Matter and the Black Alliance for Just Immigration all of whose members have now been identified as participants in the riot they instigated last Friday.

When challenged about his rhetoric only Donald Trump had the courage to stand up to those attacking him for his defense of the interests of the majority of Americans.  The mainstream media and every political opponent – Democrat and Republican – folded like a cheap suit in the face of the anarchist few.