The Two Americas Dr. King Dreaded

ELDER PATRIOT – Dr. Martin Luther King envisioned an America where people of all colors and ethnicities were welcomed to share fairly in the American dream according to their abilities and contributions – an America where all people were free to follow their dreams wherever those dreams and their hard work might lead them. 

Just as important was Dr. King’s commitment to a peaceful American transition to racial acceptance.


Dr. King realized that the forcible imposition of rights would not provide lasting societal peace.

Sadly, Dr. King was taken from us before he could see his efforts come to fruition.  Had he lived it is quite possible that his dream for every person to be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin might very well have already been realized.

Unfortunately, the vacuum left by his assassination was largely filled by racial opportunists who have been encouraged and given credibility by politicians that wish to continue to benefit from the subjugation of the Black community.

Dr. King did not want entitlements and handouts for Blacks.  He wanted a level playing field because he knew what many whites were afraid to admit, Blacks when given the opportunity to compete on equal terms would be successful and where they weren’t they would have only themselves to blame.  Anything other than that would foster animosity within one group and towards another.

Dr. King knew that the path to true equality would only come for Blacks when they proved their mettle after having been granted a fair chance to compete.  When finally given the right to participate in professional sports many Blacks, through hard work and God-given abilities, rose to the top of their professions.  Even team owners who harbored racist sentiments had to make way for Blacks on their teams in order to be able to compete with teams that had more welcoming racial environments.


This was the model Dr. King sought to implement in order to willingly, if grudgingly, have American business admit they needed Black employees to be as successful as their competition.  This is why he placed so much emphasis on education and character.

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And, this is why there is a national holiday in his remembrance, not because he fought for entitlement programs but because he sought the same entitlement to our Constitutional protections and the path to the American dream that engenders for all Americans regardless of the color of their skin.