ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It is Wednesday, March 9, 2016, and you know what that means:  It’s Trumpday!  Let’s get started.

Donald Trump scored another substantial victory on what was dubbed Little Tuesday last night, winning primaries in 3 out of 4 states:  Michigan, Mississippi, and, surprisingly, Hawaii.  Ted Cruz won Idaho.  Trump’s gain in the delegate count were more modest, however.  Trump won Michigan with a solid 36.5% of the vote, and Trump won in all demographics, showing that Trump is building the kind of coalition not seen in the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan’s 49 state landslide.  Trump, however, actually lost the delegate race to Ted Cruz over Super Saturday, with Cruz picking up more delegates. 

Last night Trump won 25 delegates in Michigan out of 59 total, while Cruz and Kasich both pocketed 17.  The Incredible Shrinking Campaign of Marco Rubio didn’t even break double digits in the vote count in Michigan, and garnered no delegates.  This was an embarrassing loss for the Republican Establishment, which had hauled Mitt Romney out of mothballs to do a nationally televised drive by hit on Trump, and who voiced over robo-calls for Rubio in Michigan.  The Romney family has long been considered to have some pull in Michigan, because Mitt’s father, George, was once Michigan’s governor.  Romney’s attack on Trump almost immediately collapsed under the weight of its own hypocrisy, with critics producing side by side comparisons of his obsequious gratitude and praise of Trump for his endorsement of Romney in 2012.  Romney’s self-immolation was so bad that the Establishment backed off of the trial balloon of having Romney jump into the race to replace the flagging Rubio.  The Establishment has instead apparently decided to infiltrate and co-opt the Ted Cruz campaign:  This week Neal Bush, Jeb’s brother and the guy at the heart of the Savings and Loan Crisis of the 1990’s, became Cruz’s campaign finance chairman.  The day the Bush Family started raising money for Ted Cruz was the day he stopped being an outsider opposed to the Washington Establishment.

In Mississippi, Trump’s victory was even more dominating, with Trump winning 47.3% of the vote (almost a clear majority), and splitting delegates with Ted Cruz, 24 to 13.  Three delegates were held back by the state Establishment.  Trump’s win in Hawaii was another testament to his ability to appeal to widely disparate demographic groups.  Trump won an impressive 42.4% of the vote in Hawaii, compared to 32.7% for Cruz, and 13.1% for Rubio.  The delegate split was 10 for Trump, 6 for Cruz, and 3 held back by the party Establishment.  Cruz’s victory in Idaho was equally impressive, with Cruz winning 45.4% of the vote, and earning 20 delegates, to Trump’s 28.1% and 12 delegates.  No one else won delegates in Idaho.

So, that puts the delegate count at:  Trump 458, Cruz 359, Rubio 151, Kasich 54.  There are 1435 delegates remaining up for grabs in upcoming primaries, and those primaries will increasingly all be winner take all states.  At this point, Trump needs to win a bit less than 800 delegates for an outright win, or about 58% of the remaining delegates.  Cruz remains competitive, but will need to win more than 70% of the remaining delegates to win.  For Rubio, a win is only mathematically possible, but highly implausible given the voting results so far.  The Establishment strategy of attempting to prop up any given candidate, even Ted Cruz, in any given state simply to deny delegates to Trump has been effective so far, and it is too close to call right now whether it will be ultimately successful.

The sustained attacks and resistance to Donald Trump by the Republican Party Establishment are unprecedented.  This week party elders like Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan, political strategist Karl Rove met with Silicon Valley CEOs like Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX, Tim Cook of Apple, Larry Page of Google, Napster creator Sean Parker, and New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger at the annual American Enterprise Institute World Forum at Sea Island, Georgia.  The topic of the meeting was how to stop “the specter of Donald Trump”.

Donald Trump is creating the kind of “Big Tent” voter coalition the GOP has long claimed it wanted to create.  Trump is garnering high vote percentages among Evangelicals, Hispanics, Blacks, and even 20% of Democrats, as well as all age demographics, and across all regions of the country.  It is the old Reagan Coalition all over again.  And the GOP Establishment is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to shut it down.  The Establishment has even gone to the unprecedented lengths to bring in foreign leaders to attack Trump, including the Pope!  Beltway Republicans are even now openly saying that if Trump is the nominee, they’ll vote for Hillary.  WHY?

There is only one answer to this, and it has nothing to do with Trump’s comments on immigration, or Megyn Kelly.  It has everything to do with the fact that the United States of America has been hijacked by a cabal of global gangsters running a corrupt and criminal government in Washington, D.C., and they do not have Donald Trump under their control.  What’s more, Trump is a Nationalist with a willingness to expose their crimes and corruption and criminally prosecute those who are committing treason to our Constitution and selling out our sovereignty to global institutions. 

Donald Trump is an existential threat to our political elites, just as they are an existential threat to America as we know it.  Only one side can prevail in this contest.  If Donald Trump loses, the American Middle Class will continue to be liquidated, America will continue to be de-industrialized, and Americans will increasingly be subject to foreign rule under so-called global trade treaties like the Trans Pacific Partnership.  The Elites will continue to engineer foreign invasions from Central and South America, and the Middle East, to create chaos and disorder in this country until we beg our oppressors for Martial Law.

If you value your liberty, you should be praying for Donald Trump.