These Bikers Saw Something STRANGE In The Grass And Pulled Over … Seconds Later? MIND BLOWN!

VIA| Bikers are often wrongly labeled as hard-hearted and mean individuals. But when the world sees this story, there’s no way that stereotype will stand.

It was a day like any other for Bret Winingar and his son Zach. It all started while they were out for a motorcycle ride in Little Rock, Arkansas’ rural countryside when they spotted something very strange…

Just past the thick grassy area alongside the road, the duo saw something that looked like a destroyed cage. As they drew in closer, they realized what it was and began running towards it.

What they found would prove to change their lives forever. I can’t believe this!

The tattered animal cage looked like it had been abandoned for quite some time. Bikers-1-

When they got closer, they realized the top of the crate had been gnawed off. Something inside was desperately trying to break free. Bikers-2

They worked quickly to get the cage open, but were surprised to find the dog still alive. The poor pup was covered in waste and hunched over from being locked in his cage for so long. Bikers-3

The kind-hearted rescuers soon bought her some grub. The beaten pup was so thankful for the food, she was overwhelmed with excitement. Bikers-4

The men were heartbroken to have to leave her in the woods, but they couldn’t safely transport her on their bikes. So they rode home and brought their truck back to save her. Bikers-5

As soon as she got inside the car, the thankful pup showed her gratitude. They named her Charlie Bravo, or CB for short.

But when they got home and gave her a bath – both noticed something shocking – – They knew they had to get her professional help.Bikers-7

CB’s next stop was a visit to the vet. She had nails that were so long they had grown backwards into her paws — I can’t even imagine the pain she must have been in! She was having a hard time walking and everyone was concerned.Bikers-8

As vets dressed the sores that had developed from being confined for so long, they estimated that CB was about eight months old when she was found. But no one knows exactly how long she was trapped in that terrible box.Bikers-9

Her rescuer, Bret thinks that it was a considerable amount of time considering that CB’s paws, which are actually white, were stained dark from all the filth she had been lying in.Bikers-10

Bret wasn’t initially planning on keeping CB, but after nursing her back to health, he just couldn’t bring himself to part with her.Bikers-11

I don’t blame him!

It’s no wonder that CB had quickly become a part of the family, she seems to fit right in! Bikers-13

And it’s obvious that her new family absolutely adore her.

We’re so glad that these bikers decided to stop… and we’re quite certain that CB is glad they did too!

It’s hard to believe any owner could ever abandon their pet. Did you know: According to the American Humane Association, out of the 7.6 million dogs and cats that enter animal shelters nationwide every year, a very small percentage are actually brought in by their former owners. Most of these animals are found on the streets — or sometimes, in even more heartbreaking situations.

Thank God for bikers!