These Parents Hid a Secret Room From Their Kid For Years In Order to Give Him the ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY GIFT

Some secrets are meant to be kept secret, but others, well, they’re just too good not to share. When this lucky child’s parents bought their house a few years ago, they found that their two-year-old son’s bedroom had a storage room attached to it.

So they decided to give their son the most amazing gift ever… but kept it a surprise until his fourth birthday.

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“The Secret Room” had an old linoleum floor, bad lighting, and exposed insulation. It was definitely not fit for a kid, so they parked a dresser in front of the door.

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The parents hired a contractor to turn this small storage room into the most amazing fourth birthday present ever.

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He ripped out the linoleum and wood paneling and installed new dry wall.


Of course, it needed a fresh coat of paint and a new floor to go with it.

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The mom then got to work decorating the space with things from around the home and Ikea.

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She even found a home for the world map that matched the U.S. map already in his bedroom.

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She picked up the rug from Ikea and even made a dress-up box to fit by the door.

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On the morning of his fourth birthday, they sent him on a treasure hunt around the house to find his gift. The last clue? Push the dresser out of the way and see what’s behind it…

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He absolutely loved his secret treasure room!

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We’re so quick these days to go out and grab the latest gadget or toy to entertain our kids, but it’s projects like these that really mean a lot. It took a lot of effort to make it perfect and devise the treasure hunt, and their son will love it for many years to come. As he grows up, the room will too. What an amazing DIY project.