They Had A Security Camera Setup Outside Their House. What They Capture The UPS Driver Doing? No Way

VIA| This holiday season, your local UPS driver or mailman will likely be a little more giddy than usual. Christmas is the time to be generous with these people that serve us every day, whether it is those mail men, the heroes who fetch all our garbage or even just the dog walker.

One family decided that their mail man deserved an extra big tip this holiday season, but instead of just putting it in the mailbox and leaving it at that – the family decided to set up a camera and catch his reaction on tape. The end result is absolutely priceless!

There is no way this family knew they would capture something this amazing, as the UPS driver walks up, finds the envelope and proceeds to get his groove on with the most amazing dance of all time!

While these service people always appreciate a nice tip, this family went far and beyond the realm on generosity, allowing their UPS driver to share a Christmas unlike any other with his family.

The UPS guy drops off his two packages first, then finds the gift for himself on the porch as well. He clearly hasn’t been receiving a ton of tips, because this family turned him from a surly postman to a happy, dancing man with just one gift!

You can see the joy right on his face and it’s almost impossible not to share in a smile with this happy man. Share this inspiring clip with all your Facebook friends and don’t forget to give your local service workers a little extra this holiday season! They deserve it.