They Have NOT SEEN DADDY FOR A YEAR. Now Watch When They Start Singing…

VIA| Being a soldier in any branch of our nation’s amazing military forces is an incredibly tough job, both physically and mentally.

Months and months of boot camp are required, and only after a soldier has managed to pass test after test after test are they given the privilege of putting their life at risk to protect their fellow Americans.

So once they’ve managed to make it through boot camp, they’re shipped off to a foreign country, thousands of miles away from home, to live at a base. Meanwhile, their children back home are growing up, and it just feels like they’re missing out on so much!

While we all respect the brave soldiers who risk their lives to answer their nation’s call, not a lot of people give the families left behind the proper respect they deserve.

These two adorable little girls who haven’t seen their daddy in over a year are just so wonderful. The look of amazing anticipation and excitement on their faces is absolutely beautiful!

When the little one starts to sing her “I Love Daddy” song right there as she’s waiting for her dad’s plane to taxi in? It’s just too cute!

So make sure to thank a veteran for their service, and you just might want to thank their families, too.

Everyone sacrifices when a soldier gets shipped off to duty, and it’s the dream of coming back home to a family like this that is the sole reason why our military is the strongest in the history of the world!

When Daddy finally picks up his daughters to walk home, it becomes obvious that right there is where he belongs. Welcome home!