They Look Like Normal Twins, But Once I Noticed THIS About Them I FREAKED OUT! WHAT ARE THE ODDS???

VIA| Richie and Danielle couldn’t have been more excited when they found out that they were going to be having identical twin boys during her first ultrasound. Doctors made sure that everything was safe and sound and she proceeded right along with her pregnancy.

Nothing seemed strange until the two boys were actually delivered and the doctors first had a chance to check their vital signs outside of the womb. That was the moment that Richie and Danielle learned something special about their sons that caught them completely off-guard!


Lucas and Louie were “mirror-image” twins, meaning that they are quite literally the mirror image of each other. Lucas’ internal organs including his spleen, heart and liver are all on the complete opposite side of his body.


While all mirror-image twins share these bizarre internal features, their physical features tend to be just like other identical twins. In some isolated cases, one twin may be right-handed and the other left, or their hair falls in opposite directions. Those mirror image twins can line up next to each other and it will appear as if someone had placed a mirror directly between them.


Lucas and Louie are almost two years old now and as happy as can be, spending all their time playing together and just having fun – exactly what two year old boys should be doing! Dad couldn’t be more proud, commenting, “The bonding and the closeness of them is unreal to watch.”