They Were Cleaning Grandma’s Shed When They FOUND A HUGE BLUE SAFE. What’s HIDDEN INSIDE? MOTHER OF GOD!!

VIA| When Reddit user vsky and his family recently took on the task of cleaning up and remodeling their old family home, they didn’t think it was going to be a fun time at all. Their grandparents had built the home themselves and lived there for the last 50 years, so it was a part of the family at this point.

Over the time that they lived in the home, his grandparents had built a total of 8 detached buildings, mostly sheds and garages. After finishing cleaning out seven of them, there was just the last one to go and the family couldn’t have been happier to be almost done. Fortunately, their adventure was just beginning!


Vsky’s brother entered the last garage and began to clean, but at one point he bumped into the wall and heard a strange, hollow sound. Considering the rest of the walls were solid as a rock, this was perplexing to the young man so he decided to tear down the wall all together.

Inside they found a huge blue safe, weighing around 1,500 to 2,000 pounds in total and incredibly difficult to crack. The family became incredibly frustrated by the safe and was about to ring for a locksmith when vsky randomly looked up and saw a number written on the rafters. This was the first number for the lock – the rest discovered soon after in the other 7 garages.


The inside of the safe was filled with antique goodies, including 2 guns, pre-Prohibition era paper bills and treasury notes, a property deed for land that the family never knew about and 3 large fabric bags.

safe2 safe3

Inside those bags were 800 silver coins, mostly silver dollars and dated between the late 1800’s to 1964. The family got the coins appraised and were shocked at the total value of $15,000 – not shabby for a day’s work!

Do you think they should sell all of these amazing discoveries or hold onto them for even longer?