They’re Called the “LION GUARD,” and They Have an EPIC PLAN to PROTECT TRUMP'S SUPPORTERS!!

VIA| GOP front-runner Donald Trump and his supporters have experienced their fair share of strife the past couple of weeks, and it looks like some supporters have started banding together to form a group to protect themselves.

This group, called “Lion Guard,” was formed to protect the “safety and security of innocent, peaceful Trump supporters from violent far-left agitators,” according to its web page.

The initial Twitter account for this group was taken down within hours of being created due to its creator claiming his or her child was threatened, which seems to indicate a considerable risk to Trump supporters and now their families.

However, another Twitter account sprang up, along with a web site dedicated to the purpose of protecting against any groups “planning to infiltrate, disrupt, attack, or otherwise do harm to Mr. Trump, any Trump rally, or any Trump supporter,” according to the website.

The organization’s website claims the group is a “call to put the words “Make America Great Again” into action and aid Trump’s security and show our adversaries we are disciplined, perceptive, and watching.”

The group emerged after the dangerous atmosphere that was created when Trump protesters and supporters clashed inside and outside the University of Chicago after Trump cancelled the rally scheduled there and when Trump supporters were pepper sprayed by police in Kansas City where a group of peaceful protesters were assembled:

With members of the Black Lives Matter movement, members andBernie Sanders supporters crashing more and more Trump rallies, it looks like the atmosphere at those events will be anything but calm.


Trump does not appear to be affiliated with the group and has not publicly endorsed them. But that doesn’t mean that some of his supporters aren’t glad they’re there.