This 'DATING SITE' Billboard is TURNING HEADS, & Making Locals FURIOUS, IMMEDIATELY You'll See WHY

VIA| I once saw a UFC fighter named Cain Velasquez enter the octagon with BROWN PRIDE tattooed on his chest.

I wondered why nobody said anything about it, but then I realized his tattoo was acceptable thanks in large part to political correctness.

Had a caucasian fighter entered the ring with a WHITE PRIDE tat, heck, that guy might not make it out of the stadium alive.

Now, let’s talk about, shall we?

From KPLR via GP:


The giant ad for, between 5600 W. and 7200 S., is turning heads and leaving residents with many unanswered questions.

Below is the information posted in the dating site’s “About Us” section:

“I am sure some of you are wondering about the concept and need for a dating website titled “Where White People Meet.Com”. Our answer to that would be why not? There are various dating websites that promote and cater to just about every origin, race, religion and lifestyle out there. So again, why not “Where White People Meet.Com”?

The question naturally arises, can anyone join? That answer is yes, as long as you are at least 18 years of age and you agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth for all members to follow. We want our dating forum to be simple and inexpensive with the ability to connect like minded people in a non discriminatory fashion.

Here at “Where White People Meet.Com” we believe in the concept that all people have the right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. We also believe that finding your perfect partner, your soul mate is one of the best ways, as humans, to obtain happiness. Furthermore we believe that all men are created equal (the word men stands for a species, not gender).

We sincerely hope that you decide to join today. There are hundreds of dating websites to choose from, so please join ours if it fits your preferences and helps bring your ideal soul mate that much closer. Here at we believe that all people, regardless of race, creed, color or religion deserve to be happy and that no one should go through life alone.”

So, what’s the problem?

Never heard of

How can some dating sites be justified and others not?

There has to be consistency from the perpetually offended.

Naturally, the mainstream media and liberals from sea to sea will scream, White people don’t need this racist website. They can just walk outside and there’s another whitey!

But that’s just silly.

Why shouldn’t bashful, lonely, or awkward whites be allowed to go to a site to find a person they’re most attracted to?