THIS Former US President Told Trump to Run for President… Three Decades Ago!

VIA| We know that Donald Trump hinted long ago he would run for President if America was in need of his bold leadership. But now we learn that Donald Trump received an endorsement by one of the most important figures in modern American history… a former United States President!

According to a recent report, President Richard Nixon’s wife Pat saw Donald Trump on the Donahue show in 1987. Trump was a guest, and explained clearly the problems facing the American economy and just what should be changed. As a successful businessman, he knew exactly what needed to happen, and explained it well.

According to biographer Michael D’Antonio, the former First Lady was amazed and informed her husband Richard Nixon about how great she found Trump. This left such an impression on America’s 37th President that he sent a letter to Donald Trump and encouraged him to run for office immediately… because America needs Trump!

Here is what the personally signed letter from President Nixon looks like. This is epic:

Nixon ran on a platform of winning among faith-driven Republicans who embraced the principles of the Republican party. It’s hard to imagine a time in history when a former President so enthusiastically endorsed someone for office… especially someone who wasn’t actually running at the time.

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