This Guy Was Driving Down The Road When SOMETHING CAUGHT HIS EYE … He Did NOT EXPECT THIS!

VIA| Here is a very unique story about a guy who had to act fast when he came across a dead mother duck in the middle of the road. Redditor powerbookguy recently told his story about what happened and captured hearts around the nation with his loving actions. What he found was quite a surprise but what he did about it was absolutely heart-melting.

1-KTu3XyOAfter noticing that the momma duck was dead, he also noticed the babies huddled by a garage for warmth.

2-KkvUDSCHe then gathered all of the babies and put them in a box.

3tqNXNHOnce he got them home, his wife and daughter used a towel and a storage bin to make them a temporary home.

gIWiMCgThey used tennis rackets to prevent the little babies from jumping out.

CjdkxTyHe then used a heat lamp to give them warmth.

6-cWBt9etThey seemed to enjoy their new home after receiving water and food.


7-m4lWGMIHe knew he had to find them a permanent home.

1-kbMagh5He was able to locate a local wildlife organization to take them in.

NkWfxteHe put them in a box and made the 20 minute drive to the shelter.

blXAf8cWhen he arrived at the rescue shelter, he was greeted by this strange guest.

6-CmYaDbNAnd this was the little ducklings new home. There were plenty of tears when he left with his family.

It’s great that this guy devoted so much time to helping these babies who had just lost their mother. I can’t imagine the fear that was running through them at that moment. They soon realized that he was there to help. What a sweet story and how fun for his family to be able to participate in such a momentous occasion.