Actor James Woods just called out Obama and  joined the National Rifle Association (NRA).

VIA| Woods, who has appeared in films like ‘Nixon,’ ‘Casino,’ and ‘Mississippi Burning,’ has been an outspoken critic of President Obama for years.

Shortly after the San Bernardino mass shooting by Islamic terrorists last week, President Obama called for more punitive measures on Americans who want to buy guns rather than addressing specific measures against Muslims extremists who are causing the problem. In a speech from the White House Sunday night, the President declared American’s access to guns a matter of “national security.”

Woods, an outspoken conservative, has had it! Taking to Twitter, he responded to Obama’s comments by announcing he had joined the NRA as a small rebellion against Obama’s “gleeful degradation of constitutional sanctity.”


He made the announcement on his Twitter feed on December 6th. The now-viral tweet reads:

“I just joined the @NRA. I don’t even own a rifle, but I’m just sick to death of #Obama‘s gleeful degradation of constitutional sanctity.”

Woods went on to note the American people’s response to President Obama’s gun-grabbing comments. They bought more guns . . . a lot more guns!

The All-Time Record For Gun Sales Background Checks Was Black Friday 2015.
185,000 Background Checks in ONE DAY!

Obama and the Democrats still haven’t said anything about that yet, which is odd.

Obama has set records for incompetence that will not be challenged in the next 100 years. He has turned George W. into a genius and Jimmy Carter into the second most ignorant president in history. Now that’s an accomplishment.