THIS Is Why Hillary Is FINISHED!

ELDER PATRIOT|  There’s a large slice of America that worships Hillary Clinton.  In spite of a mountain of evidence to the contrary, they view her as their savior.  The fact is Hillary Inc., acts in a manner far more consistent with a crime family than a guardian of the people.

While Mrs. Clinton’s persona is all smiles and congeniality when the cameras are rolling her demeanor is far different in private.  If the accounts of the Secret Service agents who were prepared to give their lives to protect her are true, Mrs. Clinton has little respect for underlings.

Former Secret Service agent Lloyd Bulman recalls: “Hillary was very rude to agents, and she didn’t appear to like law enforcement or the military. She wouldn’t go over and meet military people or police officers, as most protectees do. She was just really rude to almost everybody. She’d act like she didn’t want you around, like you were beneath her.”

Former FBI Agent Coy Copeland confirmed Mrs. Clinton’s hostility towards those that served her telling us that Hillary had a “standing rule that no one spoke to her when she was going from one location to another.  In fact, anyone who would see her coming would just step into the first available office.”

One agent who asked not to be identified recounted a stop at a 4-H Club in upstate New York:  “She turned to a staffer and said, ‘What the f - - - did we come here for? There’s no money here.’ ”

That brings us to the money, Mrs. Clinton’s raison d’etre.  The Clintons’ are fond of telling everyone who’ll listen that they entered the White House with the lowest net worth since Harry Truman.  In the 13 years since then, Mrs. Clinton alone has amassed a net worth estimated to be as much as $53 million by some calculations. 

For eight of those years Mrs. Clinton received no compensation for performing her duties as First Lady.  After that Mrs. Clinton’s only other job was as Secretary of State that paid her an annual salary was $186,600.  It’s hard to explain how such meager compensation can be turned into so much wealth.

And, that brings us to her 2014 income that exceeded $30 million.  That’s not bad for someone who was unemployed for that entire calendar year however it does raise the questions where did this money come from and why?

Enter Clinton’s long-time consigliere: “Hillary needs to secure the services of an expert legal counsel—preferably a big-league defense attorney from the Republican side of the aisle.  She needs someone to find out whether the FBI and Justice Department are likely to conclude that she’s violated federal laws governing national security.”

“Frankly, I am used to my advice on legal matters being taken very seriously and acted upon by the Clintons. I’ve told them repeatedly that this FBI e-mail investigation could go in a very dangerous direction very quickly.

“I think Bill takes the matter seriously. But Hillary is still acting as though it’s a political smear job by right-wing zealots.”

State secrets are very valuable to foreign governments and Mrs. Clinton was in a position to sell them, for a lot of money.  If this were not the case why wouldn’t Mrs. Clinton have followed proper protocol for the handling of classified information?  It’s not good enough for her to say she didn’t know the information was sensitive, or that it wasn’t properly marked, or that she had prior permission to use an unauthorized server, after all she was the person in charge of making those determinations.  Those are the excuses of a schoolgirl and not of a person seeking to hold the nation’s highest office.

There are several undeniable takeaways from all of this:

Mrs. Clinton has little respect for the people who serve her.

Mrs. Clinton is obsessed with making money.

Mrs. Clinton has no respect for the mechanisms that are in place to protect our State secrets.

Mrs. Clinton suffers from the delusional belief that an investigation into her treasonous behavior is due to partisan politics. 

But what of the people who still support her?  Well, those charged with securing the votes for Mrs. Clinton (her Capos) are well compensated from the public trough.  Their groups like Planned Parenthood, Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow-Push Coalition, Equality Foundation, et al are entrusted with convincing voters that a single issue is all that matters to them and then delivering their vote.  Somehow, in the world of politics, this is legal.

All of this comes at a cost, of course.  These groups and the federal programs they have successfully had enacted have indebted the United States taxpayers to the tune of $18 trillion. 

But, have the people who voted solely for their special interests benefitted?  That’s a mixed bag.  Those who demand abortion have no limitations have won.  Those who demand gay rights have won.  Blacks and other minorities who believe their voting in their financial best interests have resoundingly lost. 

As with every other crime family, those selling death and perversion under their oversight thrive while those willing to work hard and live by the rules suffer.

Why these people continue to blindly support Mrs. Clinton gives meaning to the term “Useful Idiots.”