This Little Girl WENT TO HEAVEN & CAME BACK, What She Saw? THIS Gave Me CHILLS

VIA| For a reason only God knows some people are allowed to visit Heaven and return to Earth before their time. Annabel is one of these people.

When Annabel Beam was five she was diagnosed with two incurable diseases. One of them being Chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction, which means that it was very difficult for her body to process food. This left her taking ten medications daily, and she was often in and out of the hospital. Despite this she was a very active child. She and her two other sisters were very tom boyish and climbing trees and exploring were nothing out of the ordinary for the trio.

One day they had climbed tree and were all sitting on a branch talking. Suddenly this branch began to break and the three girls scrambled for safety. In a freak accident, Annabel fell head first into a hollowed out portion of this tree. She became stuck and her sisters had to run to get help. With help from rescuers they were able to get Annabel out injury free, and then the next day she had something amazing to share with her mother.

Annabel told her mother that while she was in the tree she went to Heaven and met Jesus. She sat on his lap and he told her,

“…the firemen will get her out and, when they do, there will be nothing wrong with you,”

Annabel’s mother was worried because just a few weeks prior Annabel told her mother that she was ready to go to Heaven, because she was tired of being in pain all the time. Her mother prayed that this was NOT how her little girl was going to die.

Jesus also told Annabel,

‘”I know you want to stay Anna, but I have plans for you on Earth that you can’t fulfill in Heaven,”

She came back and there were no lasting injuries or complications from her fall, and her two incurable diseases cleared up miraculously. How awesome is that?

Jesus is real and Heaven is a real place.

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us,

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

From all of this Annabel says that she just wants people to realize how faithful God always is, no matter how bad things get.