VIA| Marlondejaun Guy is a U.S. citizen originally from Trinidad, and as such is a practicing member of the Islamic faith. Guy is also a server at Denny’s in Ocala, Florida, but those two facts had never really come into conflict – at least until a few days ago.

Guy was recently fired from his job as a server for refusing to remove his head covering, which is clearly not part of the classic Denny’s uniform. Now this former employee has filed a discrimination complaint against his former bosses, so it is up to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to decide the fate of this unfortunate situation.

According to Guy, the managers at the Ocala Denny’s repeatedly insisted that he remove the head covering or kufi. If he didn’t remove it, the managers would only allow him to work at night. While at bars the night shift is definitely the most profitable, at a breakfast place like Denny’s the best time to work is as early as possible.

Guy is a husband and father, so providing for his family is the highest priority. Because daytime workers make far more than nighttime workers, this daytime hour “ban” because of his kufi was really taking it’s toll on his wallet.

This all comes after the manager of the Denny’s sent Guy a formal letter last year, threatening to fire him if he continued to violate the company dress code. This man continued to defy their orders, even choosing to complain about it further – and now he doesn’t have a job at all.

After being fired, FoodPlease reports that Guy has moved his wife and daughter inside a shelter while he sleeps in the car outside. Due to her severe bronchitis, his daughter requires seven to ten breathing treatments a day, yet somehow wearing his kufi was more important than paying his electric bill. If you support Guy’s legal battle against Denny’s donations are being accepted at this GoFundMe page.

Do you think Denny’s is in the wrong here, or should Guy have just removed his kufi to help heal his daughter’s severe illness? Sound off in the FACEBOOK comments!