This One Cartoon SAYS IT ALL


ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton has spent has spent almost a quarter century influencing the political decisions that have eroded our prosperity and made us less safe in our own communities while always blaming someone else for her failures.  Her goal is to cobble together enough constituencies of “excuse makers,” who believe that because they’re here they have a “birthright” for others to pay their way, to get elected.

As the valedictorian at Wellesley she demanded that the American flag by taken down during her speech.  She now seeks the presidency so that she may have the flag taken down permanently. 

Donald Trump is using his own money to finance a campaign against the establishment politicians who have consistently voted to support the same Globalist agenda that has America reeling and that Hillary Clinton has been advocating since her days at Wellesley. 

Trump is famous for firing people for their malfeasance.  Hillary is infamous for firing people to hide her malfeasance.