THIS SHOCKING SIGN Appears in Department Store Window… Local MUSLIMS ENRAGED!

VIA| Not surprisingly, the terrorist attack in San Bernardino has caused a lot of anger among Americans. An that anger manifested itself in an interesting sign left at a department store in Wisconsin.

WITI reported that a department store in Wisconsin was at the center of intense Muslim outcry after a handwritten cardboard sign appeared on the bulletin board of a Woodmans’ store in Oak Creek on Tuesday.

The board was a space for community announcements and advertisements, so anyone could have put the sign there. As soon as the sign was brought to managers’ attention, the department store had it removed.


The sign stated, “Muslim’s, dress, speak, conform to USA standards or don’t come to USA or get out.” The note was signed “The People.”

… The sign has drawn more outrage than it normally might because in 2012, just up the road from the store, six people were butchered at a Sikh temple by a white supremacist who eventually did the world a favor and turned a gun on himself.

Well, whoever posted this sign was obviously a flaming imbecile. And posting signs like this help absolutely nothing… except, perhaps, for ISIS to bolster their fanaticism.