THIS STATE Elects Its 1ST BLACK POLITICIAN To Office… Media Is Silent For 1 SICK Reason

VIA|  In what was hopefully a prelude to next year’s election results, conservatives and Republicans won on a host of issues and political races nationwide on Tuesday.

One of the biggest wins came out of Kentucky, which elected outsider and tea party favorite Matt Bevin as governor. Bevin was only the second Republican to earn the title in 48 years, according toNational Review.

But the even bigger news out of Kentucky was in regards to Bevin’s running mate, now Lt. Governor-elect Jenean Hampton, the first black politician to be elected to a statewide office in Kentucky’s history.

You would think the liberal media would be all over this story — a black woman winning a statewide office in a Southern state — but they have remained largely silent for one simple reason

Hampton is a tea party conservative who doesn’t fit the liberal media narrative.

In all actuality, Hampton’s story, which is remarkably similar to that of presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, should be trumpeted loud and clear for all to hear, as she represents the epitome of a success story.

Raised by a single mother in Detroit, Hampton studied hard in school and earned an industrial engineering degree, working in the automobile industry for several years to pay off her student loans.

She then joined the Air Force, serving for a number of years before retiring as a captain and going back to school to earn her MBA from the University of Rochester.

Eventually she moved to Kentucky, procuring a job at a corrugated packaging plant and working her way up to plant manager before losing her job in 2012 and shifting over to politics.

“I’m aware of the historical significance. People point it out … Really, I just never think about it,” Hampton said, speaking about the win she and Bevin achieved.

“We’re different races, different sexes, he grew up in the country, I grew up in the city. We represent a broad range of the Kentucky demographic,” she added.

Allen B. West celebrated Hampton’s win and called out the liberal media for remaining silent regarding the history she has made.

He challenged predominately black magazines like Essence and Ebony to run profile pieces on Hampton, along with other black conservative women, in order to highlight their amazing success and dedication to the principles of “faith, family, education, economic entrepreneurship and empowerment, self-reliance, and service to our nation.”

Hopefully this signifies more wins for conservatives of all colors and backgrounds going forward, as America takes back its political structure from the progressive liberals that are ruining the country with their failed policies.