VIA| It’s being reported that at least two of the Paris terrorists were refugees from Syria.

Clearly, those in charge are not doing the proper vetting necessary in order to keep the bad guys out , and it makes it all the more scary knowing that the U.S. will be accepting hundreds of thousands of refugees in the near future.

Thankfully, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (a Republican, obviously) is halting the flow of refugees into his state.

Other governors around the nation, take notice!

From Fox 17:

Following Friday’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris linked to ISIS, Gov. Rick Snyder said he’s made the decision to suspend efforts to bring Syrian refugees to Michigan.

While acknowledging the state’s “rich history of immigration” Snyder said the first priority needs to be protecting the safety of the state’s residents.

“Given the terrible situation in Paris, I’ve directed that we put on hold our efforts to accept new refugees until the U.S. Department of Homeland Security completes a full review of security clearances and procedures,” Snyder said in a statement released to media Sunday.

No explanation necessary, Governor.

We all understand what is going on around the world in terms of terror, and it is incredible that someone is finally willing to go against Barack Obama and take a stand.

What’s interesting is that Snyder initially “expressed support and interest in working with the federal government to accept refugees fleeing a war-torn Syria in the Middle East,” but after Paris, things changed – rightfully so.

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